top 5 fountain pen inks, most popular inks of 2022

Top 5 Fountain Pen Inks: Most Popular Inks in 2022 (So far…)

What are your top 5 fountain pen inks? The debate is never-ending, and there’s really no wrong answer because everyone takes their own style, penmanship, color preferences, paper choices, and projects into account when choosing their favorite inks. But today we’re giving you a look at the Top 5 fountain pen inks of 2022 (so far) according to which inks have been most popular amongst our customers. So you might say this top 5 fountain pen ink list is a bit of a popularity contest.

Most Popular Inks in 2022 (so far): Top 5 Fountain Pen Inks

most popular inks of 2022, top 5 fountain pen inks

We’re basing today’s Top 5 list off of Pen Chalet customer’s purchasing choices from January 1, 2022 through June 30, 20222. According to what our customers purchased, the most popular bottled fountain pen inks of 2022 (so far) are:

  1. Monteverde 30ml Ink
  2. Pilot Iroshizuku 50ml Ink
  3. Sailor Manyo 50ml Ink
  4. Noodlers 3oz. Ink
  5. Diamine 30ml Ink

If you’re an ink collector or fountain pen fan, you likely already have your own favorite colors amidst these popular ink series. But, we’ll take it a bit further and share the most popular ink colors in each of the Top 5 selling ink collections so far in 2022. See if YOUR favorites match up with the overall consensus amongst our customer base.

Read on to learn which ink colors were the leaders of the pack in these different ink collections. See if they’re the same ones you lean on the most, or if there are any that you somehow haven’t yet discovered. Maybe you’ll find a new and exciting everyday ink to add to your collection.

Top Monteverde Ink Colors:

Monteverde California Teal Ink Bottle
Monteverde California Teal Ink Bottle

The most popular Monteverde ink colors are: California Teal, Caribbean Blue, and Blue Velvet Cake.

I wanted to say that it was interesting that they’re all shades of blue, but then…Monteverde California Teal ink is more of a greenish turquoise. Regardless – they’d all make fairly solid everyday ink choices.

Top Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Colors:

pen and ink pairings, benu euphoria fountain pen in bora bora and Pilot Iroshizuki kon peki ink
Benu Bora Bora Euphoria fountain pen and Pilot Iroshizuki Kon Peki ink.

The most popular Pilot Iroshizuku inks were Grain of Rice, Horsetail, and Kon-Peki (Cerulean Blue). The 1st two were flying off the shelf partly because those who enjoyed the ink knew it was being discontinued and they were about to lose access to reordering it. However, Kon-Peki ink is widely known as one of the most classic of classic ink choices out there.

Top Sailor Manyo Ink Colors:

sailor manyo haha ink review and giveaway
Sailor Manyo Haha ink has always been one of the most popular ink choices in this collection since the ink collection was originally released.

The most popular Sailor Manyo ink colors were Haha, Hinoki, and Fuji. Haha is one of the original Manyo releases, but the other two are the brand’s new dual-shading inks added to the popular Manyo ink collection that were available for pre-order for a few months before their actual release date.

Top Noodlers Ink Colors:

The most popular Noodlers ink colors were: Black Swan in Australian Roses, Antifeather Blue, and Bulletproof 1984.

Top Diamine Ink Colors:

most popular inks of 2022, top 5 fountain pen inks, diamine writers blood
Diamine Writer’s Blood (originally released in both bottle sizes).

The most popular Diamine 30ml ink colors were Writer’s Blood, Ancient Copper, and Oxblood, which is interesting because we regularly get questions about the three of these specific inks and how they compare to one another.

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