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Stationery, Paper & Notebooks are an essential part of the writing experience. Consider what others think about popular papers, brands that offer the most sought after notebooks, journals, and refillable journals, and more.

Searching for the best paper often depends on what you’ll be doing with it. If you’re an artist looking for a great paper for mixed media, you aren’t going to want the same paper as the freshman college student who prefers handwritten notes. Are you writing with a ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen? Each will respond differently to different types of paper. Some prefer specific brands of stationery, paper & notebooks because they see less feathering or bleeding. Others are more concerned with how the ink colors interact with the page or if the paper’s weight is particularly fountain pen friendly.

Browse products, product reviews, and guest reviewers who share their favorites along with their likes and dislikes right here. If you have questions about which paper is best for a certain pen or project, feel free to ask and we’ll see what recommendations we can come up with for you!

2023 holiday gift guide for pens, kaweco perkeo fountain pens

2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Pens, Inks & Writing Accessories!

Shop Pen Chalet's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for pens, inks, and writing accessories for everyone on your list! Find the perfect pen and ink gifts for your friends, family, and foes.
Top 20 Halloween Pens and Inks for 2022

Top 20 Halloween Pens & Inks 2022: Fountain Pens, Inks, Pen Cases & More

Don't look now....but I think it's time for the Top 20 Halloween Pens & Inks 2022 List! That's right, we said 20 (and there MAY be an honorable mention or two or six included). We may have gotten a SMIDGE carried away considering the original intention when we started this annual tradition was to feature

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2021 changes to tomoe river paper_endless recorder notebooks

Update: 2021 Tomoe River Paper Changes with Endless Notebooks

Many of you have been checking in for updates on the 2021 Tomoe River paper changes and how it's going to affect your ability to get your hands on the highly prized paper and the products that feature the brand. One of the products that feature Tomoe River Paper products come from Endless - the

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Field Notes Three Missions Notebook

Field Notes Three Missions Notebooks Review and Giveaway!

Field Notes recently released their newest edition, the Field Notes Three Missions Notebooks! These notebooks commemorate the valiant quest to land on the moon, and the missions that got us there. Each pack comes with three notebooks, one for each of the three missions. Continue reading to learn more about the Three Missions Notebooks and

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