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Noodler's Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink Review and Giveaway

Noodler’s Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

Noodler’s Baltimore Canyon Blue ink was first introduced at the 2020 Baltimore Pen Show as a special edition, and more recently released as a regular edition ink. Baltimore Canyon Blue is one of over 75 colors carried by Noodler’s Ink. All About the Ink Maker: Noodler's Noodler’s Ink Company carries a wide range of inks

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Colorverse Black Hole Ink Review and Giveaway with Pen Chalet

Colorverse Black Hole Ink Review & Giveaway

Colorverse's Black Hole #20 ink was recently reintroduced when they released their Mini ink series, but it was originally included in the Colorverse Astrophysics ink series. Read the full review.
Dee Charles Pen Wipe Review Coming Soon - check out a sneak peek

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes: It’s a Thing & You Want to Know About It

Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes - yes, it's a thing and yes, you definitely want to know about it. Some of you have already been asking about the Dee Charles pen wipes released in September 2020. To appease your curiosity and (and as a general public service), we got them into the hands of a

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October 2020 Sticker Design Contest: Pen Chalet

Pen Chalet Sticker Contest: You Know that Sticker You Wish We Had?

Ready for the 1st ever Pen Chalet sticker contest? We love how many talented people are drawn to the pen world. The pen world is full of people who are passionate about pens, fountain pen inks, art, journaling, and collecting. Many of those very talented, very amazing pen enthusiasts are also Pen Chalet customers and

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