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Robert Oster Motor Oil Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Motor Oil Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster Motor Oil Ink is one of Robert Oster's newest ink colors. This Australian ink company,  has developed over 80 unique and interesting ink colors. Many of their inks have fantastic shading, sheening and color combinations. With each ink, Robert Oster comes up with a unique, descriptive name usually with an Australian theme. Robert Oster

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BunguBox LAmant Ink Bottle

Bungubox L’Amant Ink

Bungubox L’Amant Ink is one of the 11 Bungubox fountain pen inks we currently have available for sale. Bungubox inks, which are made by Sailor Pen Company, previously exclusively for Bungubox Pen Store in Japan, have just been released to America. Bungubox inks are fantastic inks that have come with lots of fanfare to our shores

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Diamine Earl Grey Ink Bottle

Diamine Earl Grey Ink Review & Giveaway!

Diamine Earl Grey Ink is a highly anticipated new release for 2017 by Diamine Ink Company. Diamine Ink Company has a wide variety of ink colors and bottle sizes as well as different types of inks as shimmer inks. Diamine Earl Grey ink has sparked tremendous excitement and fanfare amount fountain pen writers. Although the color is

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Noodlers Polar Purple Ink Bottle

Noodlers Polar Purple Ink Review and Giveaway!

Noodlers Polar Purple Ink is a new release for 2017 by Noodlers. This new ink falls in their “polar” series of inks, created specifically to avoid, fading and forgery. One key feature of the Polar inks is their resistance to freezing, hence the Polar name. Since Noodlers Polar Purple Ink is forgery resistant it is invulnerable to lasers, alcohol

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