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Salor Manyo Ink Bottles

Introducing: Sailor Manyo Ink Series

Coming November 2019 -- Sailor Manyo Ink Series!  This new series of ink will have eight different colors based on flowers found in the Manyoshu, an ancient collection of Japanese poems.  Available only in the international market. The Sailor Manyo Ink series is not a limited production and after it is made available, it will

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Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

Introducing the Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

The story of Prometheus tells us of the importance of fire. The immortal titan Prometheus defied the gods, stealing fire from them to give to humanity. This gift would allow those first waves of mankind to progress and create civilization. Knowing the vital powers of fire and the ways that it would transform mankind, Prometheus

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Sailor Shikiori Shimoyo Ink Bottle

Sailor Shikiori Shimoyo Ink Review & Giveaway

Sailor Shikiori Shimoyo Ink is one of 4 new Sailor Shikiori ink colors released last year. The Shikori ink colors are a new addition to Sailors’s Four Season line of inks that originally have fallen under the Jentle ink series, with different packaging, size, and price. However, all of the Sailor Four Season ink colors are

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Sailor Four Season Jentle Ink New Bottle

Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink Gets a Facelift

Sailor Four Seasons Jentle Ink has been popular for years. Within the last few years, Sailor changed the Jentle ink line by removing some colors but adding others. Many loyal customers were worried about losing some of their favorite ink colors. Now, Sailor Pen Company is changing the bottle of this popular fountain pen ink.

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Sailor Shikiori Yodaki ink

Sailor Shikiori Yodaki Ink Review & Giveaway!

Sailor Shikiori Yodaki Ink is one of 4 new Sailor Shikiori ink colors released earlier this year in the United States. The Shikori ink colors are part of Sailor’s Four Season line of inks. Most of Sailor’s Four Season ink colors fall under the Jentle ink series that come in different packaging, bottles, size and

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