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Sailor Pen Company

Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha Ink Review

Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha Ink is a new re-released ink in the USA in the Sailor Four Season’s ink line that is very unique. Rikyu-Cha, also means “Rikyu-Tea” in Japanese that has a unique characteristic of changing colors. The fountain pen ink goes on the paper as a dark green, almost a green-black, but lightens as it

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The New Sailor 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen

Introducing the all-new Sailor 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen.  Sailor's newest product, the 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen is just the pen needed to take notes and help emphasize points in books, academic papers, and more! Sailor 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen Similar to the size of the Sailor 1911 standard fountain Pen, the

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