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Sailor Shikiori Four Seasons Yonaga Long Autumn Evening Ink Bottle

Sailor Shikiori Yonaga ink

Sailor Shikiori Yonaga Ink is one of the 4 new Shikiori ink colors released by the Sailor pen company this year. Other Shikoiri colors include Yodaki, Shimoyo and Yozakura. Part of Sailor’s Four Season line of ink, the Shikoiri ink colors come in a new smaller bottle design than the original Sailor Jentle Four Seasons ink.

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Sailor Shikiori Four Seasons Yozakura Evening Spring Cherry Ink Bottle

Sailor Shikiori Yozakura Ink

Sailor Shikiori Yozakura Ink is one of the 4 new Shikiori inks recently released by Sailor in the United States. The other three Sailor Shikoiri ink colors are Yodaki, Shimoyo and Yonaga. These new Shikori ink colors are part of Sailor’s Four Season line of inks, the majority of which are under the Jentle ink line of

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Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink Bottle

Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink Review & Giveaway!

Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink is one of the 5 Sailor Jentle ink colors that were discontinued a couple years ago. In addition to Apricot, the other discontinued Sailor Jentle ink colors were Sky High, Grenade, Ultra Marine and Peche. When Sailor stopped delivering these 5 ink colors, their popularity soared and some were paying extra-ordinary

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Nagasawa Kobe Nada Brown Ink Bottle

Nagasawa Kobe Nada Brown Ink Review & Giveaway!

Nagasawa Kobe Nada Brown Ink is now available in the United States along with a number of other Kobe ink favorites. Kobe Inks are made in and imported from Japan and have a great following. Named after one of the largest cities in Japan, Kobe inks were originally made exclusively for the Nagasawa stationary store located

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Sailor Pen Company

North American Exclusive Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray Fountain Pen

Sailor Pen Company has just announced their second North American Exclusive 1911 Fountain pen, the Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray. This new exclusive color for American retailers comes just after the enormous success of the Sailor 1911 Fresca Blue. Sailor 1911 Anchor Gray This new Anchor Gray color comes in both the Sailor

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