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Leonardo Officina Italiana Sepia Ink

Leonardo Officina Italiana Sepia Ink Review & Giveaway

Leonardo Officina Italiana Sepia Ink is one of 6 newly introduced ink colors by the Italian Pen Company. Relatively new to the industry, Leonardo Officina Italiana is taking the pen world by storm with Italian handcrafted pen creations like the Momento Zero and Furore Collections. And more recently, they announced the release of a new

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Lamy Crystal Azurite Ink Bottle

Lamy Crystal Azurite Ink Review & Giveaway

Lamy Crystal Azurite Ink is one of ten recently introduced ink colors from prolific German pen company, Lamy, as part of their entirely new line of ink colors intended to inspire creativity. The regular Lamy ink line contains basic colors housed in a unique 50 ml glass bottle. In addition to their regular line, Lamy

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Leonardo Officina Italiana Red Passion Ink Bottle

Leonardo Officina Italiana Red Passion Ink Review & Giveaway

Leonardo Officina Italiana Red Passion Ink is produced by new Italian Pen Company, Leonardo Officina Italiana. Although a new company on paper, Leonardo Officina Italiana Pen Company has historic style and a vintage feel. The art of handmade pen manufacturing was handed down from father to son with superior craftsmanship and experience guiding the treasured

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Waldmann Blue Ink Bottle

Waldmann Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

Waldmann Blue Ink is one of two ink colors produced by historic German pen manufacturer, Waldmann Pens. Waldmann Pen Company originated in 1918 and thus has over 100 years of experience producing high-quality writing instruments. Know for its skilled craftsmanship in .925 sterling silver, Waldmann Pen Company creates pens designed for timeless elegance and supreme

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Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat InkBottle

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink Review and Giveaway

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink is one of 13 new ink colors introduced by Taccia in 2018. Known for its high-quality writing instruments, Taccia Pen Company has finally expanded into ink manufacturing. Taccia ink colors are referred to as “true colors” as seen by a child’s eye and are primarily basic common colors. They are

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