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Organics Studio Twilight Blue Ink Review & Giveaway!

Organics Studio Twilight Blue Ink has just been released. A new ink color in the Organics Studio Masters of Writing Series of inks, Ralph Waldo Emerson Twilight Blue. Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American author and poet who lived from 1803 until 1882. He is best known for originating the American Romantic Movement in the 1800’s. Many Organics

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Robert Oster Frankly Blue Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster who now carries well over 80 colors, has introduced a new blue, Robert Oster Frankly Blue Ink. Blue ink continues to be a favorite of many writers. The variety of blue inks on the market today continues to amaze. Robert Oster Ink Company has a multitude of blues, each with a slightly different hue. [caption

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Kobe Suwayama Leaf Green Ink

Kobe Suwayama Leaf Green Ink Review & Giveaway!

Kobe Suwayama Leaf Green Ink is now in stock and available at Pen Chalet. Kobe #35 Leaf Green ink is one of a number of Kobe inks formerly only available in Japan, that are now available in the United States. Kobe ink, named after the city Kobe Japan, was created by Sailor for the renowned stationery store

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Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue Ink: Robert Oster Ink Company continues to release new ink colors to their wide Australian pallet of colors. Recently there has been a number of Robert Oster blue inks released that are extremely popular, such as Fire and Ice and Lake of Fire. Another 2017 blue ink release from Robert

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Lamy Pen Company

Lamy Petrol Ink Review & Giveaway!

Lamy Petrol ink is one of the two new ink colors released by Lamy in 2017, along with Pacific Blue. Lamy Petrol ink however exceeded everyone’s expectations, including Lamy, as they did not produce enough bottles to fulfill the demand for this new ink color. Everyone sold out quickly of Lamy Petrol ink and it has not

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