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Taccia Uguisi Ink Bottle

Taccia Uguisu Ink Review and Givaway

Taccia Uguisu Ink, produced by Japanese pen maker, Taccia, is one of 13 newly introduced ink colors. Taccia Pen Company has been making high-quality writing instruments for many years and has continued that tradition in its ink manufacturing. Taccia inks are basic colors or what they refer to as “true colors” as seen by a

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Robert Oster Aussie Brown Fountain Pen Ink

Robert Oster Aussie Brown Ink Review and Giveaway

Robert Oster Aussie Brown Ink is one of the more than 100 Robert Oster Signature ink colors from the Australian color palate. Each of these ink colors has a unique name and variety of color, are respected by pen lovers, perform well and have other great characteristics. Robert Oster’s multitude of ink colors are crafted

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Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby Ink Bottle

Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby Ink Review and Giveaway

Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby Ink is Pelikan’s 2019 Ink of the Year color! This newest Edelstein ink is now the 8th “Ink of the Year” released by Pelikan. Sixteen Pelikan Edelstein ink colors have been released so far. Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby ink and the other ink of the year colors are special edition inks,

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Diamine Burgundy Royale 150th Anniversary Ink Bottle

Diamine Burgundy Royale 150th Anniversary Ink Review and Giveaway

Diamine Burgundy Royale 150th Anniversary Fountain Pen Ink is one of 13 special ink colors released by Diamine Ink Company for their 150th Anniversary, celebrated in 2014. These special colors come in very unique triangular shaped bottles that form a circle when 8 bottles are placed together. The 13 colors include Tudor Blue, Silver Fox, Lilac

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Colorverse Hayabusa Ink Bottle

Colorverse Hayabusa Ink Review and Giveaway

Last summer Colorverse Ink Company released a Tokyo special edition ink color set, Hayabusa and Hayabusa Glistening. These two new inks are based upon the Japanese robotic space mission from 2003 through 2010. The name Hayabusa in Japanese means Falcon. Colorverse Hayabusa ink is a wonderful vibrant purple color that pops on the page. Colorverse

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