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2020 pen gifts for the holidays

Get Your 2020 Pen Gifts in time for the Holidays: Shop Early!

Get your 2020 pen gifts in time for the holidays and avoid the nail-biting stress of shipping delays due to the typical holiday shipping bottlenecks combined with the unique circumstances 2020 has created as shipping facilities and distribution centers around the world institute social distancing policies for employee safety. 2020 is a year with no

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Robert Oster Antelope Canyon Ink Review

Pen Chalet Exclusive Robert Oster Antelope Canyon Ink Review & Giveaway

Robert Oster Antelope Canyon ink is one of our newest ink releases here at Pen Chalet. It's also a Pen Chalet exclusive created to celebrate the upcoming Fountain Pen Day (a massive day of celebration for all fountain pen fans and enthusiasts everywhere). While many of you have already jumped on the chance to get

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Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe Review

Dee Charles Pen Wipe Review: a New Product from Dee Charles

Details about the Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipes or Pen Wipe Wallet as some call it, can be hard to come by! But that's just because this is a new product that was just recently released. What is it? This 2020 release is a convenient way to keep fountain pen and fountain pen nib safe

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Noodler's Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink Review and Giveaway

Noodler’s Baltimore Canyon Blue Ink Review & Giveaway

Noodler’s Baltimore Canyon Blue ink was first introduced at the 2020 Baltimore Pen Show as a special edition, and more recently released as a regular edition ink. Baltimore Canyon Blue is one of over 75 colors carried by Noodler’s Ink. All About the Ink Maker: Noodler's Noodler’s Ink Company carries a wide range of inks

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