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modern luxury writing pens

Modern Luxury Writing Pens: Fountain Pen’s Evolution

Today's modern luxury writing pens come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. There are different types of pens (fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, and dip pens), different sizes (of pens, of nibs, of refills, etc.), different materials (metal, wood, resin, abalone shell, etc.), and different purposes (calligraphy pens, long form writing pens, artists' pens, sketching

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benu minima fountain pen review

Benu Minima Fountain Pen Review:

Ready for a Benu Minima fountain pen review with one of our guest reviewers? We're excited for you to get to know this pen a little better. But first, let's get to know our guest reviewer a bit. Today's Guest Reviewer: Melyssa Naujoks Melyssa Naujoks (aka @mel.naujoks) is a journaler, reviewer, and fountain pen fan,

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wearingeul jung ji-yong ink review

Wearingeul Jung Ji-Yong Ink Review for National Poetry Month

Hold on to your pens and inks, ladies and gentlemen, we've got a surprise for you this week. This week's ink review, is a TikTok video review with one of our guest reviewers on the newest platform. We got him a complete set so he could go through these poetry-inspired inks for National Poetry Month!

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Wearingeul Beneath the Wheel Ink Review: Monthly World Literature Ink Collection

Read today's Wearingeul Beneath the Wheel ink review as another tiny celebration of National Poetry Month! That's right, this makes back-to-back reviews for Wearingeul, and there's a reason for that. April is National Poetry Month, so all month long we'll be featuring inks from Wearingeul. It just seemed right since the brand is dedicated to

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Wearingeul Cowardly Lion Ink Review & Giveaway: Wonderful Wizard of Oz Literary Collection

This month's Wearingeul Cowardly Lion ink review is right on time to throw the focus on this new ink brand in honor of National Poetry Month! We'll be celebrating National Poetry Month all month long by highlighting poets around the world, but Wearingeul doesn't just focus on the impact of great writers and poets for

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