Monthly Archives: October 2015

Delta Pen Company

Introducing the New Delta Intesa Pen Collection

New for 2015 is the Delta Intesa Pen Collection that once again showcases the top quality features Delta Pen fans have come to expect. Each pen is made from hand turned Italian resins in extravagant marble colors. Rhodium trim accents these marbled resins beautifully with Delta's signature clip designed to keep the pen in place as it rolls into your

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Pelikan Pen Company

Introducing The New Pelikan Stola III Collection

The Pelikan Stola III collection is sure to be a hit with both Pelikan lovers and beginners alike. Pen Chalet is now taking reservations for the new Pelikan Stola III collection fountain pen and rollerball pen. Pelikan Stola III Pelikan is known for its high quality materials, manufacture, nibs and value. 

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Fountain Pen Nib Infographic by Pen Chalet

Embed the Fountain Pen Nib Infographic Small (500 x 867) <div><a href=""><img src="" alt="Fountain Pen Nib Infographic by Pen Chalet" width="500" height="867" border="0"/></a></div> <div>Infographic by <a href="">Pen Chalet</a></div> Large (900 x 1560) <div><a href=""><img src="" alt="Fountain Pen Nib Infographic by Pen Chalet" width="900" height="1560" border="0"/></a></div> <div>Infographic by <a href="">Pen Chalet</a></div> Details of the Fountain Pen

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Visconti Pen Company

Introducing Visconti Pen Company

Pen Chalet is excited to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of Visconti Pen Company. This is exciting news, continues to mark a banner year for Pen Chalet.  In addition to Visconti, Pen Chalet has also added in 2015 Parker, Waterman, Napkin, Rotring, Diamine Ink and Quo Vadis paper products to add to our wide

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