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M200 Pelikan Pastel-Green Fountain Pen

Pelikan Pastel-Green, a New Classic 200

As we near the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, it’s easy to find ourselves looking ahead. Waiting patiently for days filled with sunshine and a night that doesn’t begin at 4 pm. Springtime is our liberator from the darkness of winter and Pelikan is celebrating that. Introducing the Pelikan Pastel-Green, another addition

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Fountain Pen Basics: How to Fill a Fountain Pen With Ink

Pen Chalet recently introduced a new series of How to Videos on IGTV starting with how to fill a fountain pen with ink. For those who prefer to access their fountain pen how to info directly on the website, we'll also be adding the information here on the blog for easy access no matter which

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Rohrer & Klingner Solferino Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

Rohrer & Klingner Solferino Fountain Pen Ink: Weekly Review & Giveaway

This week's ink review and giveaway with Pen Chalet features Rohrer & Klingner Solferino fountain pen ink! We hope you’re ready to hear all about it! Rohrer & Klingner (R&K) Solferino fountain pen ink is one of 17 bright, vibrant colors offered by this historic ink manufacturer (actively producing ink since 1892). Rohrer & Klingner inks

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