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Conklin Fountain Pen Parts

How to Swap Nibs on a Conklin/Monteverde Fountain Pen!

Have you ever wondered how to swap nibs on your Conklin or Monteverde Fountain Pen? If you ever have, this week's guide is exactly what you you are looking for. Below we will detail how to change nibs on an Amber Conklin Duragraph, but the same instructions apply to most Conklin and Monteverde fountain pens.

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Dee Charles Designs Pen Cases

Dee Charles Designs Single Pen Sleeve Review and Giveaway!

Just as important as it is to have your perfect pen, we know it's important to have the perfect carrying case, too. This week we've tested and reviewed a local brand made here in Arizona; Dee Charles Designs. Created by two individuals who share a love for fountain pens, Dee Charles Designs is dedicated to

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Fountain Pen Gift Ideas Around $50

Looking for Fountain Pen gift ideas that won't break the bank? This time of year is a wonderful season no matter what your political or religious views may be. Pen Chalet hopes to help you alleviate the one frustrating part of the holiday season, what should I get (insert your favorite friend or loved one...).

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The Fountain Pen Inks Infographic – A Categorization of Fountain Pen Inks

Fountain Pen Inks Infographic Embed the Fountain Pen Inks Infographic Small (500 x 625) <div><a href=""><img src="" alt="Fountain Pen Inks Infographic by Pen Chalet" width="500" height="625" border="0"/></a></div> <div>Infographic by <a href="">Pen Chalet</a></div> Large (800 x 1000) <div><a href=""><img src="" alt="Fountain Pen Inks Infographic by Pen Chalet" width="800" height="1000" border="0"/></a></div> <div>Infographic by

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Field Notes

Introducing Field Notes Cherry Graph Notebook

Pen Chalet is proud to carry the new Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook. Field Notes recently offered the Shelterwood limited edition notebook that featured a cover made from real wood. The product was an instant success and they sold out quickly. The response was so good Field Notes decided to create another real wood cover

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