Huge Pen storage case review: Girologio 96 pen case

Huge Pen Storage Case Review: Girologio 96-Pen Briefcase

Today’s review is a big deal — like a HUGE deal. It’s a huge pen storage case review featuring the Girologio 96-pen briefcase. If you have an extensive pen collection, and pen storage is a question you consider regularly, you need to take this one into consideration. Read on to learn more in today’s huge pen storage case review!

The Brand: The Pen Storage Case in Today’s Review is by Girologio

The Girologio brand makes a variety of different pen storage cases in different sizes. They have single pen cases all the way to 96-pen cases like the pen storage briefcase that we’re featuring in today’s review. Their pieces are always high quality, and they have different styles that can suit different pen enthusiasts.

Guest Reviewer: Christine,

Christine is a huge fan of fountain pens, inks, and paper. She loves how they work together to create wonderful stories. Catch her on Instagram at, updating you on her latest writing adventures, her favorite inks, and the pens she’s in love with at any given moment or if you prefer long from reviews, you can check out her review site!

Today’s Huge Pen Storage Case Review: Girologio 96-Pen Briefcase

Huge Pen storage case review: Girologio 96 pen case
Guest reviewer: Christine, look for her on Instagram

It’s time for today’s huge pen storage case review – get ready to get to know the Girologio 96-pen briefcase! We’ll share our guest reviewer’s first impression, her take on how functional this pen storage solution is, and her final conclusion after using the pen storage case for a while. The review sections following are in Christine’s own words!

Girologio 96-Pen Briefcase Design:

Huge Pen storage case review: Girologio 96 pen case
Guest Reviewer: Christine,

The Girologio 96-pen case carries like a briefcase with two handles that I can actually slide in so they don’t stick out when I store it. Smart! It has two zippers for two separate compartments. You can open only one or both and have it open like a full sheet! On each other side, there is a velvet sheet attached with velcro that folds in and protects the pens so they don’t rub together. (No one wants that)! The inside of the pen case is also made of soft velvet. The pen loops are broad, but tight. I don’t know at this point if they will become less tight after sliding pens in and out, but they do hold bigger pens. Thin pens need to have the pen clips making them a bit more secure.

What is the Girlologio 96-Pen Briefcase Made Of?

The leather that covers the pen case is really nice. It’s shiny and black and doesn’t seem to scratch easily at all. I was careful on my recent trip to Oslo when I carried my pens in the Girologio pen briefcase, so I didn’t put them on the ground. I was a bit terrified of sand or small stones scratching it up, but also equally because of the value I carried.

How Much Does this HUGE Pen Storage Case Cost?

Huge Pen storage case review: Girologio 96 pen case
Guest Reviewer: Christine,

The pen case itself…[is] not a high price when you look at what is out there on the market. Valued at a sales price of $200 at Pen Chalet – it seems quite reasonable. Add in the quality you get and to me, it seems a very fair price.

Tip for Using the Girologio 96-Pen Storeage Case Briefcase: “A flat surface is recommended to unfold this bad boy a bit easier.” -Christine, guest reviewer

Your Pens are Packed, But How Does it Travel?

One thing that I honestly was a little skeptical about when I unpacked [the pen case] was the handles. I loved the idea of them being slid back in, but the price you pay for that is that the handles need to be thin.

Huge Pen storage case review: Girologio 96 pen case
Guest Reviewer: Christine,

The case itself does have some weight to it and when you add in nearly a 100 pens the weight will be significantly more. So the first time I carried it over to my neighbor/boyfriend for a little photo shoot it felt unpleasant. That’s the honest truth. I was a little bummed about it actually. And I thought that this would not be an easy task to carry from here to Oslo. [And when I say here to Oslo that means…first off to work, then from office to bus, wait for the train, from train to next bus and walk the last 100 meters. Then back again (except for office) going home in the evening]. That is many minutes to carry a heavy bag with thin handles.

To my surprise, it was not bad at all! I didn’t even think anything of it while walking and traveling. I even had to stand on one bus for 15 minutes because it was packed, but no. It was not bad to carry at all. These are the things that make it a pleasant surprise, the things you are skeptical about (or even negative, as I tend to be sometimes), and it turns out to not be on your mind at all.

Final Conclusion: Girologio 96-Pen Briefcase Review

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this bag. If you have a lot of pens, it’s a great option for storage, and it’s easy to bring along if you need to bring the pens with you for a nerd meet such as the Pelikan Hub or other gatherings with pen people.

Read the full review on Christine’s pen and ink review blog!

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