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esterbrook estie sparkle fountain pen

The Esterbrook Estie Sparkle Fountain Pen: 2020 Fountain Pen Favorites

It's time for another favorite fountain pen feature - showing off the Esterbrook Estie Sparkle fountain pen! Can you guess which reviewer picked this as a favorite fountain pen for 2020? It's created by Esterbrook. Its name, the Oversized Sparkle, comes from the diamondcast material used to create the pen (spoiler: real diamonds are involved),

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Visconti Rembrandt Olive Green fountain pen Photo Credit PenBoyRoy

Visconti Rembrandt Olive Green Fountain Pen Feature

I hope you're ready for another fountain pen feature! Today's feature highlights the Visconti Rembrandt Olive Green fountain pen and comes after we got this pen into the hands of PenBoyRoy (aka The PenBoy). Read on to check out some beauty shots of this gorgeous new addition to the Pen Chalet inventory, and get more details. [caption id="attachment_5300"

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National Handwriting Day 2020 Means Fountain Pen Festivities

It's finally here! National Handwriting Day 2020! Did you know that we celebrate National Handwriting Day on January 23rd right alongside John Hancock's birthday? It seems fitting since his signature on the Declaration of Independence holds such meaning to so many that it's become a norm to request someone's "John Hancock" when you need them

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