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5 Must-Try Ink Brands in 2022: Have You Tried the Best Fountain Pen Inks?

Check out today’s 5 must-try ink brands and see if you agree with popular opinion among fountain pen and fountain pen ink enthusiasts. Not new brands, and not obscure…these 5 ink makers are well known and well-loved throughout the industry. If you haven’t had them in your pens yet…why not?

5 Must-Try Ink Brands in 2022:

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  1. Monteverde
  2. Pilot
  3. Sailor
  4. Robert Oster
  5. Diamine

What’s So Great About These Particular Ink Brands?

5 must try ink brands in 2022

Monteverde: Affordable, 2 different sizes (30ml and 90ml), a massive assortment of colors, fountain pen safe

Pilot: Dependable, steady ink flow, stunning color options, fantastic ink bottle

Sailor: Great colors, variation, flow, good in drier pens

Robert Oster: Well-behaved, paper-friendly, easy to use, great colors inspired by Australia, lubrication can be helpful in difficult pens

Diamine: Excellent ink flow, exciting array of colors, different sizes (30ml, 50ml, or 80ml depending on the ink collection), great everyday ink options

If you need a few specific ink suggestions for any of these tried and true ink brands, consider some ink reviews. We’ve pulled a selection of ink reviews for your reading pleasure in the next section. Feel free to dive in and enjoy some of our past ink review picks. Or just search the blog for the brand you want to get to know better, and peruse all the ink reviews.

Read an Ink Review or Two from the Top 5:

Looking for the 5 Must Try Ink Brands for 2022?

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