Fountain Pen How To - Proper Care & Cleaning

Learn all about fountain pens from how to fill a fountain pen to how to fix a fountain pen. Our "How To" section has something for everyone. Tips and tricks for the novice or beginner fountain pen user to more advanced help and ideas for the experts. We are constantly looking for new ideas and suggestions so feel free to contact us if you have a question not found in our "How To".

How to Clean a Piston Fountain Pen

Clean a Piston Fountain Pen

When using fountain pens, the ink needs to periodically be flushed from the pen either for storage, or to change the ink color. Here, we will show how to clean a piston fountain pen by flushing it with water. If you are simply filling the pen with the same ink, and the pen has not been sitting for an extended period, you may not need to flush your pen. If you use your pen on a daily basis, you should only need to flush your pen annually.
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How to Clean a Cartridge/Converter Fountain Pen

Clean a Cartridge/Converter Fountain Pen

Fountain pen ink is water based and over time will evaporate. Leaving ink in a fountain pen for an extended period of time can create problems for your fountain pen. If you are not going to use a fountain pen for an extended period of time, you need to remove and clean your pen. Below are some simple instructions on how to clean a fountain pen.
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How to Fill a Converter Style Fountain Pen

Fill a Converter Style Fountain Pen

Most fountain pens that use ink cartridges can also use an ink converter. An ink converter allows the fountain pen to use bottled ink, rather than ink cartridges. Some cartridge style fountain pens are proprietary and only allow for their brand of ink cartridge to be used. Bottled inks come in a wider range of available inks and color selection than the cartridge inks. Due to converters being larger than ink cartridges, not all cartridge style fountain pens are able to use converters. Some pens do not have the room within the barrel, such as the Stipula Passaporto. The Monteverde tool pen, for instance, can only use the Monteverde mini ink converter with the plunger partially extended.
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How to Fill an Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

Fill an Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

In this article we will demonstrate how to fill an Eye dropper fountain pen such as the Stipula Passaporto fountain pen. One of the benefits of an eye dropper style fountain pen is that they are able to hold more ink because the entire chamber of the ink barrel is able to fill with ink rather than just a converter or ink cartridge.
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How to Fill a Piston Style Fountain Pen

Fill a Piston Fountain Pen

Learn how to fill a piston style fountain pen. You may ask what exactly is a piston style fountain pen? A piston style fountain holds the ink within the barrel of the pen and has an integrated piston that is used to draw the ink into the chamber. Some examples of piston style fountain pens include the Pelikan 200 fountain pen or the Lamy 2000 fountain pen.
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How to Fill a Cartridge Fountain Pen

Supplies for refilling a cartridge style fountain pen

Fill Fountain Pen with a Cartridge

Filling a fountain pen using an ink cartridge is probably the easiest way to fill a fountain pen. Ink cartridges where invented in 1927 for convenience making filling a fountain pen quick and painless. The ink cartridges contain the same ink as bottled in but in a ready to use cartridge.
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