How to Fill an Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

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Fill an Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

In this article we will demonstrate how to fill an Eye dropper fountain pen such as the Stipula Passaporto fountain pen. One of the benefits of an eye dropper style fountain pen is that they are able to hold more ink because the entire chamber of the ink barrel is able to fill with ink rather than just a converter or ink cartridge.

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen supplies

Steps to fill an Eye Dropper Fountain Pen

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen - clean inside of barrel
The first step in filling an eye dropper fountain pen is to first clean the barrel of the pen. This will clean any residue left from manufacturing the pen. If you are refilling a pen that is already been filled you may just need to clean out the old ink if you care changing colors. If you are using the same ink again and the ink is still fresh in the pen you may not need to clean the pen.

To clean the pen rinse out the barrel with clean warm water. You can then use a cotton swap to dry out the barrel and remove any excess residue.

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen - add silicone grease
Grease the threads of the pen with silicone grease to prevent the pen from leaking. You can do this by just getting a small amount on your finger and running it around the threads. Screw the section into the barrel and then unscrew it to evenly distribute the grease on the threads. Perform this a couple of times to create a protective barrier for the ink so it will not leak through the threads. Remove the section from the barrel.

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen
Using an eyedropper or a syringe fill the barrel of the pen to the bottom of the threads on the barrel. Do not over fill.

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen - assemble pen
Screw the grip section halfway back into the barrel of the pen. Do not screw it the complete way in, just enough to seal the pen. This is so you can prime the nib and feed of the pen.

How to fill an eye dropper fountain pen - turn over
Turn the pen upside down and screw the pen in the rest of the way. A couple drops of ink should come out of the feed. This creates the correct pressure within the barrel and the feed has been primed and ready for use.

Clean the nib with a soft cloth. The pen has now been filled and is ready to write!
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