Fountain Pen Converter with Different Ink Color Change

If I have a fountain pen with an ink converter, can I use the same converter for different color inks? Do I have to clean the converter out when using a different color ink?
No, you do not need a new ink converter for each fountain pen ink color you use but you do need to clean the pen before using a new ink.

Fountain pen inks are water based and over time the water will evaporate from the ink leaving only the dye or pigment and other particles behind. It is always good practice to flush a fountain pen when changing inks especially to a different color or a new brand of ink. If you do not clean the fountain pen prior to adding new ink it will mix the two inks as well as the properties and color of each fountain pen ink. Even if you were to use a separate ink converter with each ink you would still need to clean the nib, feed and the converter. If you were to remove the old ink converter from the fountain pen and store it the ink would dry inside the converter.

How to flush or clean an ink converter fountain pen - flush nib"Flushing" or cleaning a fountain pen is a simple process and only takes a few minutes. Not only does this process clean the ink converter from old ink residue it also cleans and nib and feed on the fountain pen. This keeps the ink flowing properly so your pen lasts longer and works better. Even if you continually use the same fountain pen ink over and over in the same pen it is a good idea to flush the pen occasionally to remove any particle build up. It is also recommended that you clean your fountain pen if you are not using the pen for extended periods of time. This will keep the fountain pen ink from drying inside the pen. Once this happens it is much harder to clean the pen and get it working again.

Fountain pens require more maintenance than ballpoint or rollerball pens but give you more freedom in ink choices as well as line variation. Fountain pens create a unique writing experience unlike any other writing instrument.
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