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Why Fountain Pens Skip & How To Fix

Why does my fountain pen skip?
fountain pen nib anatomy and skippingSkipping is when a fountain pen writes with missing or partial stokes. This occurs when the feed cannot supply enough ink to the tip of the nib or if the tines on the nib are misaligned. The first problem is an easier fix while a misaligned nib is best left to an experienced pen tech to repair.

First try cleaning the fountain pen by soaking it and then flushing it with water. Most often a good cleaning of the fountain pen will remedy the problem. A fountain pen can skip if there is debris in the feed channel or the ink has dried. Some new pens may have left over debris from manufacturing and it never hurts to flush the pen before its first use. For pens with dried fountain pen ink you may try using a pen flush to clean it well.

If you have cleaned the pen and it continues to skip you may try a thinner ink such as the Sheaffer Skrip ink or Sailor Jentle ink that is self lubricating to see if that helps.

Remember, fountain pen ink dries when it comes in contact with air. Make sure you cap you pen when it is not in use. When a pen is left uncapped ink can dry within the feed and create clogging, skipping and other writing issues.

If you have cleaned the pen and tried different inks and you continue to have problems it may be the nib alignment. Like we noted earlier aligning a nib can be tricky and best left to someone who is experienced. Hope this helps answer your questions on how to fix a fountain pen that skips.

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