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Ballpoint Pen Day

Days Until our Ballpoint Pen Day Sale:
Sale BEGINS Wednesday, June 10th 2020 at 12:00am Eastern time

Ballpoint Pen Day: Wednesday, June 10th 2020

Ballpoint Pen Day Pen Chalet is a proud sponsor of Ballpoint Pen Day! Celebrated each year on the anniversary of the date of the ballpoint pen patent, June 10, 1943. Ballpoint pens have become the dominant writing instrument used around the world.

To celebrate Ballpoint Pen Day, We are offering the following:

Special coupon on Ballpoint Pen Day. Check back on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 for the coupon.

Special discounts on select items. We will have a huge selection of special discounted items for one day only. Check back on Ballpoint Pen Day, Wednesday, June 10th 2020. Enter your email in our "Special Offers" at the right of this page or enter the giveaway to the right to receive notification of the Ballpoint Pen Day Deals.

Great Giveaways! Pen Chalet is giving away the following items on Ballpoint Pen Day with two ways to win:
  1. Enter for FREE using the entry form on this page. Random winners will be selected on Ballpoint Pen Day for 4 of the gift packs!
  2. Place an order on Ballpoint Pen Day, Wednesday, June 10th 2020. Random orders will receive a "Gift Pack" sent with their order.
Enter both ways to increase your chances of winning. View the "Gift Packs" we will be giving away below.
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Ballpoint Pen Day Giveaway

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Ballpoint Pen Day Sponsors

We would like to thank our Ballpoint Pen Day Sponsors:

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