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Fountain Pen Reviews, Ink Reviews & More...

Educate yourself before you buy with our fountain pen reviews, ink reviews and more. See the pros and cons of each product as we dissect each item. Read what our staff thinks of the different products we sell.

Review of the Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen

I have heard so much from customers about the Conklin Duragraph fountain pen and what a great pen it is that I decided to try one myself. I have to say that I was not disappointed. I have always liked the look of the pen especially the amber color with the black and orange resin together. The design as well as the color combination is what initially drew me to the pen.
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Review of the Taccia Covenant Fountain Pen

I decided to Review the Taccia Covenant Fountain Pen because I was intrigued with the look and design of the pen and there isn't a lot out there about the pen. The Taccia Covenant has one of the most unique designs with it's elongated cap which is just shy of overall length of the pen and it is also longer than the barrel and section of the pen. This unique cap design gives the pen a slim barrel but with the cap posted it covers most of the barrel with only the section exposed making a much wider pen. Because the cap covers so much of the pen it only extends the length of the pen about an inch when it is posted.
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Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen Review in Copper Orange

One of the most recognizable fountain pens in the world is the Lamy Safari and Lamy Al-Star. Their simplistic yet functional design has made them both two of the top selling pens at Pen Chalet.
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Conklin Crescent Fountain Pen Review

The Conklin Crescent fountain pen has been around since the early 1900s. The pen was orginally endorsed by Mark Twain and is named after him, the Conklin Mark Twain Crescent fountain pen. Conklin has recreated a replica version of the original pen with its unique crescent filling mechanism. The Conklin Crescent comes in various color choices including a limited edition demonstrator version. I opted for the black chased version of the pen. It comes with a beautiful rose gold trim and the cap and barrel are etched with a chase pattern.
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Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen Review

The Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is a great EDC(everyday carry) or pocket pen. It is also a great starter fountain pen with it's relatively low price point. In this review I would like to cover what makes this pen so good and a must have in your collection.
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Review of the Pelikan 605 Fountain Pen

When I decided to write a product review of the Pelikan 605 fountain pen it had been a pen I had been eyeing for awhile. To be honest I have always been a big fan of Pelikan pens. I have always liked the look of the Pelikan Souveran fountain pens, especially with the silver colored trim on the Pelikan 605 over the gold trim. With the Pelikan Souveran pens those that end in 05 are silver color trims and those in 00 are gold colored with the first number being the size. For instance a Pelikan 200 and 205 are the same body style and size with the 205 being the silver trim and 200 the gold. As the numbers get larger the pens become either higher quality or larger in size.
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Platinum 3776 Fountain Pen Review

The Platinum 3776 fountain pen is available in a wide assortment of colors from opaque black to beautiful transparent colors including the chartres blue and bourgogne. Platinum has also release several limited edition Platinum 3776 fountain pens such as the Sai, Shoji, Nice, and Nice Pur. The limited edition 3776 pens come in various translucent resins and different trim colors.
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Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Review

The Lamy 2000 fountain pen comes in either black Makrolon, which is a lightweight fiberglass material, or the heavier metal, stainless steel version. The pen is designed with a piston fill mechanism and a semi-hooded 14 carat gold, platinum coated nib. On both versions of the pen the front grip section of the pen is made from the brushed stainless steel. They also both have a matching stainless steel, spring loaded clip.
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Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen comes with a translucent body and cap. There are several color options from clear, to smoke grey or brighter colors like blue, purple or orange. Each color has the same smoke color on the grip section of the pen as well as the tip of the cap and each Pilot Custom 74 comes with the same chrome color accents. I opted for the blue color because it was my favorite. Not only did I like the color and transparent look of the pen design but I like how it allows you to view the ink level within the pen very easily.
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Platinum President Fountain Pen Review

Platinum Pen Company, is one of the big three Japanese pen manufactures (the other two being Pilot/Namiki and Sailor), which produce high quality fountain pens with exceptional nibs.
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Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen Review

Sailor Pen company has two very unique yet distinctive and well know and beloved pen styles, the 1911 and the Professional Gear fountain pen collections.
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Pilot Ageless Future Ballpoint Pen Review

I was first drawn to the Pilot Ageless Future Ballpoint Pen because of the unique way in which the refill extends and retracts. With a twist of the cap the entire writing tip disappears inside the body of the pen in a two step process. One turn and the writing tip extends, a second twist the ballpoint refill extends. Although I am not entirely sure of the reason for the chrome writing tip to retract and extend I found it pretty cool. The twist action operates smoothly and easily and I am able to operate it with one hand.
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Review of the Pelikan M640 Special Edition Mt. Everest Fountain Pen

A few years ago, Pelikan introduced a number of Special Edition M640 pens, including the Polar Lights, Sahara, Eternal Ice and the Mt. Everest. I love these pens and they have become some of my favorite all time for their uniqueness, size, quality and overall appeal. The Pelikan M640 Mt. Everest Pen has not disappointed. It’s a full sized pen with a grey cap and silver and gold slightly bulbous barrel with intricate golden lines depicting the Himalaya Mountains with the golden peak of Mt. Everest, as it would appear on a clear sunny day with the suns reflection and glow. The end of the barrel goes back to the grey resin body, adorned with silver trim on the tip of the cap and clip, at the base of the pen and in three circular rings, the largest of which has the Pelikan name branded into it.
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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review

If you are just starting using fountain pens or want to know what all the hype is about, the Platinum Preppy fountain pen is a great option. With a retail price of $3.96 it's hard to beat the price. In this review of the Platinum Preppy fountain pen we will discuss what we like or do not like about the pen.
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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Review

When asked which pen is the best starter fountain pen I would bet most fountain pen enthusiasts would recommend either the Lamy Safari or the Pilot Metropolitan. Both of these fountain pens are great starter pens and very popular but there are other options within the same price range($15-$30). One such great starter pen is the Platinum Plaisir fountain pen.
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Sailor 1911 Black Luster Fountain Pen Review

I love Sailor fountain pens so I was immediately drawn to the Sailor 1911 Black Luster fountain pen when it came out. The entire pen is "blacked out" with an ion plated nib and metal accents and a glossy black resin cap and barrel.
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Pilot Knight Fountain Pen Review

I really love the Pilot brand and so I was excited to try the Pilot Knight fountain pen. I like the overall look of the pen. The cap and the barrel on the Pilot Knight fountain pen are both a dull silver matte finish. The top of the cap is a glossy silver finish with a matching glossy clip. The clip is integrated into the cap with a wrap around hinge that I really like. This clip opens very wide making it easy to insert the pen into a pocket with thicker material.
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Delta Dolcevita Fountain Pen Review

I love the Delta brand and their unique pens. I own many Delta pens such as the Europa, Momo 30th Anniversary Edition, IT demonstrator, Lex, Indigenous Series (Mapuche) pen, etc. Delta makes unique, distinctive and interesting writing instruments, which I truly enjoy.
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Aston Leather 10 Pen Case Review

I have been a pen enthusiast for many years. After collective a handful of pens, I needed a way to store and protect them. I was introduced to Aston leather products and purchased an Aston leather pen roll. I absolutely love it. It’s very functional, compact and I have used it for many years.
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Pilot Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen Review

I recently wrote a blog for Pen Chalet about the new Pilot Namiki Falcon when the new black with rhodium (chrome) trim pen was released. However, I thought it was time to review my falcon after 6 months of personal use and enjoyment.
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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen Review

The Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen is made from aluminum and comes in several different colors, black, blue, silver and a glossy raw aluminum. Recently Kaweco just added two new colors, stonewashed black and stonewashed blue. These colors are the same as the black and blue but have been tumbled to give the pens a worn look.
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Pelikan 205 Fountain Pen Review

The Pelikan 205 fountain pen comes with a stainless steel nib and chrome color trim. The top of the cap is a black medallion and a chrome clip. Two chrome bands surround the pen at the bottom of the cap and towards the bottom of the barrel. It has a small section of the barrel that is a transparent viewing window so you can see the ink level in the pen.
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Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot vanishing point fountain pen comes in a wide selection of colors to choose from. There are a couple colors that really caught my eye, the gun metal with matte black and the all matte black finish. The nib on the pen is a glossy black to match the black matte pen.
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