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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will make it right. At Pen Chalet we believe in old fashioned customer service and that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Pen Chalet purchase, please feel free to return your pen within 10 business days in its original packaging. Fountain pens should not be inked for a full refund(If you would like to test your pen simply dip test the pen). Just contact one of our friendly customer service agents and we can help with the return process. We will also help with any warranty issues you may have down the road as well. If you are not happy with our product or service let us know and we will make it right.

We also only sell authentic fine writing instruments and are an authorized dealer of every pen, ink and accessory brand we sell. We guarantee each item to be authentic and every writing instrument, ink or accessory comes in the original packaging with the proper paperwork. We work direct with either the manufacturer or the licensed distributor of each brand to ensure each item comes with full service and warranty. We also stand behind and back each and every item purchased from Pen Chalet so you can rest assured.

Our Customers Love Us!

Here is what just a few of our many happy customers have to say about our top notch customer service:

I've been using the pen for a few days to be sure there was no problem or question. It really is a very good pen and your customer service throughout has been wonderful, too! I will be doing more business with Pen Chalet. I am a very happy camper thanks to you and the Conklin company, as well.
West Haven, CT
I am based in The Netherlands, and I was amazed how quickly I received my order. I will definitely buy from them again, many thanks.
Outstanding customer service
Chicago , IL
Thanks so much! I love the awesome stuff Pen Chalet is doing - you guys definitely set the bar high for customer support and great deals on pens. I'm always happy to recommend you!
Louisville, KY
I have nothing but positive comments to say about Pen Chalet. It is a service oriented company. Whenever I have had to call them and deal with them directly or and indirectly, I have always had the best experience possible, from something as simple as answering the phone pleasantly to resolving my problem or answering my question in a prompt and efficient manner.
Maria C
Paramus, NJ
Pen Chalet's pricing is very reasonable and I received the delivery practically the next day. Thank you!
Whitestone, NY
great service, fast delivery, any time again
Frechen, Frechen
Excellent company, shipped quickly and followed up. Responded immediately to a question on the product. Works great. Definitely, on my list of great responsive companies.
Detroit, MI
Never received it c
My Top 10 Reasons Why I Trust Pen Chalet:

1) A large inventory to pick from. I like fountain pens and they have so many to choose from. Especially brands I've never heard of but are magnificent like Taccia. Especially the Taccia Covenant in broad.

2) A very easy website to navigate through. I've never had a problem finding anything on their website.

3) Fast cheap international shipping.

4) Are always offering discounts and you're given a 10% coupon after every purchase.

5) The customer service is excellent. They respond to your emails within 24 hours and sometimes within a couple of hours, they try very hard for you and will make your order right. I've had several poor experiences with online pen stores sending me the wrong pens and then not responding to any of my emails or phone calls and some of them who do respond were rude and condescending. Pen Chalet is the exact opposite they are straightforward and want to help you because they want you to come back!

6) They have 303 great videos on Youtube displaying a lot of their products so you can see exactly what you are getting. They describe the product and give you a great close up.

7) They have large, clear pictures for all their pens. I rarely have to enlarge a picture to get a closer look.

8) They provide as much information about the pen you are looking at as much as possible. Some websites have no information about the pens they are selling which I've always found to be strange considering how much they charge.

9) They always use great packaging using either a box with extra packing to protect your pens or a bubble envelope.

10) When I think of Pen Chalet. I think reliable, friendly and professional.

So stop reading this and just order something from them man!
Regina, SK
I have purchased a few Pelikan Pens from the Pen Chalet without issue. Customer service is always courteous and knowledgeable in answering any questions. An excellent source to consider for your fine writing instruments.
Carol Stream, IL
I love Pen Chalet because it feels like my local pen shop though I reside in California and they are in Arizona.

I'm an old fountain pen newbie, having written my way through college, graduate school and dissertation with a new Waterman purchased at the local stationer and its later replacement. But like many others I was seduced to the "Dark Side" of the rollerball, abandoning nib, feed & barrel to a desk drawer. Yet with my move west and strenuous work demands of teaching and scholarship, I dusted off my Waterman, unearthed stray cartridges and got to work: that flowing gold nib to the rescue.

My romance with Pen Chalet began earlier this past spring with the purchase of my very first bottle of ink -- swans and roses down under! -- and my decision to start a collection. The package arrived like lightning to my Los Angeles doorstep from Arizona. I had been reluctant to buy ink by mail. I didn't want broken inky bottles and didn't want to wait! My local brick and mortar stores conspired against me -- not open on Sundays, closed by 530pm on Saturday or only open a few days weekly. And most of the online pen retailers all seemed to be two or three time zones away. So it's been simpler to order online from Pen Chalet and enjoy the super fast regular USPS shipping that beats Priority Mail cross country every time. From a faulty piston filler in the first pen I bought to questions about how and what to choose so my "collection" would exceed one, Ron has speedily answered every question with care and consideration, resulting in more lovely purchases that are the foundation of my collection. He's the friendly and knowledgable owner of my favorite pen shop; it's just a state away!
Santa Monica, CA
Pen was shipped fast and arrived in perfect order. Customer service answered all my questions and went above and beyond to assist me.

Pen Chalet, Great pen and thank you for your excellent service.
North Olmsted, OH
The service and attention is excellent.
Miami, FL
Pen Chalet provided a wide assortment of options and a great price and with speedy delivery. Pen Chalet has become my go-to supplier for ink.
Oak Park, IL
This review is about the level of customer service I received from pen chalet. I normally order my pens from goulet or anderson pens, but seeing a 15% discount code I wanted to give them a try. When placing my order I did not see a area for comments so I talked to Ron and asked him to inspect the tines on the fountain pens I ordered, which he was happy to do. When I received my order I was one pen short, I talked to Jenna in customer service who apologized for the error and sent out a replacement pen the same day.
The level of customer service was great and with the added discounts I will be ordering from them in the future.
lakewood, CO
As always, Pen Chalet has what I'm looking for and at a reasonable price. Fast shipping every time I order.
Arden, NC
Doing business with Ron and staff was a pleasure despite the engraver making an error on the first attempt. They were very professional and helpful and we would certainly recommend doing business with them. Also, their prices were very competitive as well as their selection. Thank you, Joe Pagani
Bluffton, SC
I would like to compliment Pen Chalet for providing the most excellent service I have had in a long time. I was looking for a special gift for my daughter's 21st birthday and was thinking about the Dalvey St. Elmo traveling clock. I had priced them and decided to check out Pen Chalet since you guys had the best price. Well, there was a bit of an inconsistency from what Google had and what showed up on your website (it has since been fixed) but Jill got permission to honor the price and provide pleasant, professional and polite service throughout. Since I had a hard time ordering online with our crummy network coverage - she walked me through it over the phone. I thought it was too good to be true that you guys would honor the price, but then it showed up a couple days later...no surprises, just as described. BTW, you have a better product description for the clock that Dalvey.com !!! So thank you so much for restoring some faith in the online shopping world and an extra shout out to Ms. Jill for making my day so much better!
Fredericksburg, TX
Want to comment not on the product itself but on the excellent customer Service received with an issue with one of the pens. Jen was extremely diligent and communicative until the problem was solved and I received the pen back without issues
You cant beat this vendor for sevice. I hade the item in 3 days.The ink is great anb of a size that it gets used up and not sit around drying up.
Also the paper samples they reallhelp to make up my mind as to whivh brand to order. Helps not having to buy 5/6 brands just to see what works best for pen/ink combo.
Again just cant go wrong here.
Canton, SD
Pen Chalet is the BEST!!!!
hampshire, IL
I really appreciate your fantastic approach to customer service. Your “old school” way of doing business is refreshing and unfortunately all too absent in today’s world. You have definitely secured a customer for life.
Corpus Christi, TX
I was so excited to get this pen - I think it is the most beautiful pen, I have ever seen. I was so disappointed in the way it wrote - it was scratchy on paper and I had problems with it leaking. It was not like the Twsbi's I currently own. The customer service at Pen Chalet is amazing! They were so sympathetic and asked if I wanted to exchange the pen or get a full refund. I went for the fun refund. The pen had leaked on a leather cover and notebook - I didn't want any reminders. The Pen Chalet will always be my go to for pens and supplies.

Greensboro, NC
Quality products and very prompt shipping. Great service!!!
Frisco, TX
Great company. Fast, reliable. You sell the best, and I buy the best. Your prices, however, are most competitive. Thank you. I chose you over Goulet and Nibs.
Charles P
Lexington , KY
Arrived promptly. Much appreciated.
Santa Barbara, CA
That is amazing and I can’t thank you enough! Pen Chalet is my favorite place of all to buy pens and I so appreciate your generous offer. I am going to buy this wonderful pen today. Your customer service is the best there could be.
Callicoon, NY
This is more a review about Pen Chalet. I was purchasing a nice pen for my significant other and asked Pen Chalet to help me. They directed me to this pen first and I asked for others to compare it to which they cheerfully did.I have to say the pen far exceeded my expectation. My significant other loves the pen and it writes beautifully!Its appearances are deceptive as it does not look as attractive as other pens but its writing is magnificent!Thank you Pen Chalet for helping me make a successful purchase.
For those of us fortunate enough to own a set of Retro51 Apollo pens, the Launch Pad provides a unique way to display your collection.
Coral Gables, FL
The order was delivered accurately and fast. Very good service.
Guaynabo, PR
I ordered the QUadra Ipsilon from Pen Chalet as a pre-Christmas gift. As I fouled up the shipping, Pen Chalet was kind enough to bump up the shipment to two-day shipping at no additional charge. It arrived just in time and my wife loves her new instrument! I can only say that in these days, as customer service is often found lacking, that, that is not the case at Pen Chalet - They go above and beyond in customer care, when so many companies offer "customer scare!" They have truly won my loyalty when it's time for my next purchase -
Panama City Beach, FL
Quick service and good products.
Chicago, IL
No question here. Just a note to say thanks for the fast processing. I ordered a Sailor piston convert this past Saturday at 5:08 pm EDT. You sent a shipping notification at 6:51 pm EDT the same day, and the package arrived today (Monday). I don't see how that is remotely possible when shipping USPS, but it happened. Thanks again!
Pen Chalet has once again provided excellent service and a quality product.
Auburn, WA
I looked at many pen companies in the internet and your website was the easiest to use. So I ordered from your company.

The order process from start to finish was amazing!!!!


If you are searching for a company to buy from you can stop now.
I would like to thank you for your wonderful service and prompt shipping of a very exquisite pen, the Delta Prestige Series Sterling Silver fountain pen (Fusion fine nib). I will be shopping here in the future as I was very impressed with the shopping experience.
Edmonton, AB
I love Pen Chalet because of wonderful reliable customer service. The store website provides detailed information and specifications on pens which are important when buying online. Purchasing pens has never been so easy and worry-free!
Grace E Z
Quezon City, CA
Amazing customer service – responsive, creative, problem-solvers ready to assist.
Terrific selection of my favorite brands – especially Pelikan (I love the M600s, and my girlfriend loves the M2xxs).
Great prices and flash sales – I’ve been able to pick up a few pen cases at fantastic rates.
Quick shipping – that it takes only a day to deliver is explained by the fact that I am one town over, but the orders are packed super fast!
Phoenix, AZ
Port Orange , FL
Love this ink@ It's more understated than FWP's Edward's Gardens but that makes it a fun ink to use for more.... professional things to add a little pizzaz.
Raleigh, NC
I love Pen Chalet for several reasons (selection, price, variety). However the number one reason is SERVICE. Several times I have e-mailed with a question and I have always received a prompt reply, even on Saturdays. In a day and age when customer service and attention to detail can be lacking, this is truly welcome. Heartfelt thanks for a job VERY well done.
Gastonia, NC
Hello all. I'd like to give a nice shout out to Pen Chalet for some pretty good customer service. I purchased a Monteverde Tool Pen that came with a poorly shaped nib that would not write. After exchanging e-mails, I had a replacement nib at my door in three days. Including a prepaid return shipping label. I know they probably shouldn't have sent the poor nib in the first place, but things happen sometimes. Their reaction to my problem was outstanding, and I will certainly buy from them in the future.
Saint Petersburg, FL
I love this beautiful bottle. I am happy to have it in my collection of empty ink bottles.
St. Joseph, MO
Thanks to Ron at Pen Chalet for has superior customer service--a person who is totally reliable and truly delivers outstanding customer service. Ron goes beyond the call of duty. I know he treats everyone the same--that's just how he is!
Saint Petersburg, FL
I am not writing to ask a question. I am the buyer for the Monteverde Pen Case from Canada who was looking to have the case delivered for Father's Day. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful customer service. I received the case today and am sure my husband will love it when he gets it on Sunday. Once again thank you for all you did. I can't wait to shop with you again :)
Brampton, ON
1st order from this company was very prompt and as advertised. I did email customer service regarding a converter and received very quick and courteous response. Will definitely be ordering again!
Arvada ,
My favorite pen sold by Pen Chalet happens to be the next one I buy from Pen Chalet! It started with a Pelikan, moved to a Lamy, and more recently, a Pilot Vanishing Point. Every one of them has been a great deal.
Broad Brook, CT
Prompt, accurate service. Product exactly as described. Great experience.
Rockford, IL
Beautiful pen that totally live up to expectations. Service fantastic. Thanks so much Pen Chalet, for your personal help in getting this order to an international customer. Also arrived pretty fast considering shipping these days.
RD3 Hamilton,
Just great..the best service..genuine items...thanks for all your good service...
Guaynabo, PA
As a child, I was fascinated with my architect father's fountain pens. I became totally smitten and as a result, my father began storing his work pens on a higher shelf where I could "look but not touch". After he passed away, I found his pen box and was saddened to learn he had included them in a garage sale. But the fervor came back. I have been using a very pedestrian off-brand plastic pen. And then I found YOU. Your prices are attractive, your packing and shipping stellar, your "how to's" indespensible. I have no doubt that I will be a loyal and frequent customer!
Tulsa, OK
Pen Chalet has good product and at fair price.
Their engraving price if really high
Charlotte, NC
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