How to Refill an Ink Cartridge

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Refill a Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge

Some fountain pens have proprietary ink cartridges or the ink you love only comes in a bottle. In this article we will show you how to refill an ink cartridge with whatever fountain pen ink in you want. This process is quick and easy.

First gather your tools. You will need the following items:
  • A bottle of fountain pen ink of your choosing. Make it good!
  • A used ink cartridge. You can just reuse the old ink cartridge.
  • An ink syringe with dull needle attached.

How to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge supplies

Steps to Refill a Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge

How to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge ink bottle with syringe
The first step is to clean the used ink cartridge. The fresher the ink the easier this is to do. We recommend you flush the cartridge immediately when you run out of ink. If you let it sit it will dry out the ink and make it harder to clean. Using warm water and the syringe, slowly flush the inside of the ink cartridge out. Be careful not to force too much water too fast into the cartridge or you will get ink everywhere. Continue to flush the ink cartridge until it runs clean and the inside is clean. You may have slight stains left from the ink tinting the ink cartridge.

Open your bottle of ink and draw ink into the syringe.

How to refill a fountain pen ink cartridge ink cartridge with syringe
Holding the empty ink cartridge with the open end upright slowly fill the ink cartridge. Do not overfill. Keep the ink cartridge upright so the ink will not run out. Remember a used ink cartridge has broken the initial seal and will leak ink. Immediately insert the ink cartridge into the fountain pen. For help read our instructions on how to load an ink cartridge fountain pen.

Do not let the cartridge sit as there is no seal. The ink will dry out and can leak as well.

That's it. Simple quick and easy. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite inks with your cartridge style fountain pens!
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