How to Care for Your Pelikan Fountain Pen

Pelikan Fountain Pen Care

Pelikan pens are some of the best fountain pens on the market. Right out of the box, Pelikan pen perform excellent. To ensure the best success with your Pelikan fountain pen we have outlined some basic use and care instructions.

Daily Pelikan Fountain Pen Use Instructions

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First, always cap or close your fountain pen when not in use. An un-capped fountain pen will dry out and clog the feed of the pen restricting the ink flow. Improper ink flow will create inconsistent writing.

Pelikan suggests using Pelikan brand ink for the best results but it is not necessary to only use Pelikan brand fountain pen inks. Other brands of fountain pen ink may contain particles that accumulate in the ink feed and block ink flow. Regardless of the brand colored ink contains pigmentation and therefore you will need to clean your fountain pen periodically to flush any excess particles from the pen.

How To Clean a Pelikan Fountain Pen

When cleaning your Pelikan fountain pen never use any dish washing soap or alcohol as these substances may damage your pen.

To clean your fountain pen, drain the ink and flush the pen with warm water. Run water through the feed section until it runs clear. The nib on most Pelikan fountain pens will unscrew from the barrel. This allows easier access to clean the nib and feed section as well as the ink chamber.

How to Fill a Fountain Pen with InkIf you are not going to use your pen for an extended period, store it clean without ink.

How to Fill a Pelikan Fountain Pen

  1. Before filling the fountain pen turn the knob to the left to advance the piston to the front of the pen.
  2. Dip the nib so it is fully submerged into the fountain pen ink and slowly fill the pen by turning the knob back in the opposite direction.
  3. When the piston stops, twist the knob back to return a few drops back into the ink bottle.
  4. Hold the fountain pen upright with the nib up and turn the knob until the piston stops.
  5. Clean the grip and nib of the pen with a soft cloth to remove any excess ink.

How to Care for Your Pelikan Fountan Pen - Use and Care Download the pdf version of the use and care guide, How to Care for Your Pelikan Fountain Pen.
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