How to Clean a Piston Fountain Pen

Written Instructions

Clean a Piston Fountain Pen

When using fountain pens, the ink needs to periodically be flushed from the pen either for storage, or to change the ink color. Here, we will show how to clean a piston fountain pen by flushing it with water. If you are simply filling the pen with the same ink, and the pen has not been sitting for an extended period, you may not need to flush your pen. If you use your pen on a daily basis, you should only need to flush your pen annually.

Instructions on How To Clean a Piston Fountain Pen

First, you should remove any excess ink from the pen. To do this, twist the knob at the end of the barrel to the right. This forces the ink through the feed and out the nib of the pen. Make sure you have the pen over the sink or something to collect the ink.

Next, draw lukewarm water into the pen, using the same knob on the pen, by turning it in the opposite direction as before.

Release the water by turning the knob to the right again; forcing the water out through the feed and nib. You will need to repeat this process (flushing the pen) until the water runs clear from the pen.

Dry off your pen using a soft microfiber towel.

That's all there is to it. Cleaning a piston fountain pen is quick and easy. Proper cleaning and care of your pen will make it last longer and write better. Your pen is now ready to store, or fill with the next bottle of your favorite ink!

Use only lukewarm water when cleaning your pen. Never uses additives such as cleaners or liquid soap, as these may damage your pen. For harder, tough to clean pens you may try using a pen flush as well.

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