New Fountain Pen Does Not Write

Just got a new fountain pen and it does not write at all...what should I do?
If your fountain pen is brand new and you are using an ink cartridge it may take some work to get the ink to flow. When you fill a fountain pen using an ink converter or piston fill pen, the ink flows through the nib and feed filling the pen. With a cartridge the ink must flow down through the feed and nib.

Flush when New Fountain Pen Does Not Write
With a new fountain pen it is always a good idea to flush the fountain pen before using to clean out any particles left from manufacturing the pen.

Ensure that the cartridge is all the way on the feed. The ink cartridge has a seal that must be broken to allow the ink to release into the feed. If this has not been broken the ink will not flow.

Try "priming" the ink. With the nib downward squeeze the ink cartridge forcing ink through the pen. You can also do the same with an ink converter by slightly screwing the converter forcing ink through the feed.

Try another ink. Are you using the ink that came with the pen or your own ink? We recommend trying the ink that was included with the pen to ensure there is not an issue with the fountain pen and another type or brand of ink.

If you have flushed the fountain pen and tried the other steps and it still will not write you might have an issue with your pen.
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