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robert oster crystal marine shimmering ink

Robert Oster Crystal Marine Shimmering Ink Review & Giveaway

You are reading the Robert Oster Crystal Marine shimmering ink review. And this feature of one of the most popular shimmering inks in the Shake 'N' Shimmy ink series was a special request. (In complete honesty, we regularly get requests for reviews of Robert Oster Shake 'N' Shimmy fountain pen inks. There's just a lot

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best selling fountain pens of 2021 - national ballpoint pen day 2021

National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021: What Are We Celebrating Again?

National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021 is coming up, so we wanted give you all a heads up. Just in case you didn't know that you should be preparing to join in the fun, here are the basics. What Are We Celebrating When We Celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021? It's time to sit down with

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Diplomat fountain pen ink comparison and giveaway

Diplomat Fountain Pen Ink Comparison & Giveaway

Today's Diplomat fountain pen ink comparison is intended to give you a bit of an overview of this ink that isn't available at many US retailers. If you've already discovered a love for Diplomat inks, you might still find the ink comparison useful since it can point you towards some interesting traits you may not

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taiwan blue ink review

Robert Oster Signature Taiwan Blue Ink Review & Giveaway!

Let's talk Robert Oster Taiwan Blue Ink! One of the most popular blue inks in the Robert Oster lineup, this is definitely an ink that shouldn't be overlooked. Kind of like how you never put Baby in the corner. You don't leave Robert Oster Taiwan Blue ink on the shelf. It belongs in your pen!

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