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National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021: What Are We Celebrating Again?

National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021 is coming up, so we wanted give you all a heads up. Just in case you didn’t know that you should be preparing to join in the fun, here are the basics.

What Are We Celebrating When We Celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021?

It’s time to sit down with your favorite ballpoint pen to update your calendar with this important date: June 10th, 2021. June 10th is National Ballpoint Pen Day – every year! It’s an annual celebration recognizing the ballpoint’s status as one of the most useful writing instruments in the world, and commemorates the anniversary of the ballpoint pen patent filing on June 10th of 1943.

national ballpoint pen day 2021
Featured pen: Fisher Astronaut Ballpoint Pen

What Did We Do Before the Ballpoint Pen Arrived on the Scene?

Before the ballpoint pen was introduced in 1943, if you wanted to jot something down or send a friend a note or a card, you needed to use either a pencil or a fountain pen. Since it’s introduction, the ballpoint pen has become the most popular and regularly used writing instrument in the world. Originally, the ballpoint pen was developed as a more reliable, cleaner alternative to the quill or fountain pen. Earlier attempts to patent similar writing instruments failed because the designs could not deliver ink evenly, leaked ink, or clogged. So when Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro successfully patented the ballpoint pen we all recognize today, they started a bit of a revolution. The ballpoint pen is now manufactured by the millions.

How To Celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day:

Ready to celebrate? National Ballpoint Pen Day will be here before you know it – so here are a few ways to commemorate this revolution of writing:

  1. Learn to Draw Something (a rose, a tree, a piece of fruit, a bird…your choice).
  2. Make a Smile List (you make To Do lists all the time – leave that for another day and today make a list of at least 10 things that make you smile).
  3. Send a handwritten thank you note.
  4. Post a Quote (write down a quote from a movie you’ve seen or a book you’ve read recently and share it online).
  5. Make a Ballpoint Wishlist (fill your shopping cart with every ballpoint you wish was yours to create a ballpoint wishlist. It’s good to have goals).
  6. Watch a Recent Ballpoint Pen Unboxing (did you know Lamy releases limited edition colors of their most popular models annually. We’ll feature one right below).

More National Ballpoint Pen Day Fun to Look Forward to with

National Ballpoint Pen Day 2021 is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun. And we love an opportunity for a little fun – especially if it’s a little bit of pen fun. So, remember to check out the Ballpoint Pen Day Giveaways, the Ballpoint Pen Day Sale (on June 10th, 2021), and a coupon code (available on Ballpoint Pen Day and applicable to most items on the site).

Recommended Ballpoint Pens: Top 5 Ballpoint Pens for Summer 2021

Need a few suggestions for your ballpoint pen wishlist? Check out:

  1. Esterbrook Estie Ballpoint Pen (ballpoint versions of the popular Estie pen design were released this year, and we think it’s about time the Estie met the ballpoint).
  2. Caran d’Ache 825 Wood Chips Ballpoints (set of 2) (this milestone pen is made of 60% renewable materials).
  3. Conklin Endura Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen (that Abalone Shell material just screams summer of dreams).
  4. Fisher Space Pen Astronaut Ballpoint Pen (always a top choice no matter where you’re writing or what you’re writing on – this pen is a performer space can’t even stop).
  5. Aurora Ipsilon Satin Collection Ballpoint Pen (this classic belle of the ball is a head turner. Hot girl summer? Whatever, what about hot pen summer?)

Happiest of National Ballpoint Pen Days to You and Yours:

Make sure to wish your friends, your family, your favorite retailers, and random strangers that seem like they need a pick me up Happy National Ballpoint Pen Day on June 10th, 2021. And don’t miss the pen party – it’s already started at