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discontinued wearingeul inks: the exile of flower ink is discontinued as of April 2023

Discontinued Wearingeul Inks in April 2023: Which Inks Will Be Disappearing From the Shelves?

Did You Hear? Wearingeul is discontinuing some of its inks! So, if you have a favorite, you might want to try to get your hands on an extra bottle now. Or if there's one you've been meaning to add to your ink collection, and you haven't quite yet, jump it to the top of your

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Krishna Ink review and giveaway

Krishna Sunburst Ink Review & Giveaway

Read today's Krishna Sunburst ink review to find out all about this popular ink, and why you may need to add it to your ink collection. You'll also get to know the Krishna brand a little bit, enjoy an introduction to one of our guest reviewers, and learn how to enter to win inks featured

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top 5 favorite fall inks 2022

Top 5 Fall Fountain Pen Inks 2022: Which Fountain Pen Inks Do You Love for Fall?

What are your Fall fountain pen inks 2022 favorites? Everyone has favorite Fall inks; none of us are immune. And we know how ya'll love ink recommendations from fellow pen and ink fans, so we reached out to some of our recent guest reviewers and asked them what their favorite fall fountain pen inks for

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