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Krishna Grapes Fountain Pen Ink

Krishna Grapes Ink Review & Giveaway

Krishna Grapes Ink is part of the Krishna Super Rich inks, which come in over 30 colors and continues to expand. Crafted by Dr. Sreekumar, Krishna inks are known their variation and characteristics. Krishna inks are known for their small and simple packages but fabulous inks found inside. There are a number of different “series”

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Robert Oster Evening Sapphire Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Evening Sapphire Ink

Robert Oster has continued to produce new and exciting colors for their wide array of Australian’s world of color. This fountain pen ink has the trademark,“A Drink for your Pen,” which is prolific in their production of ink colors. Even though they are continually producing many new ink colors, each one is still interesting and

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Top Shading Inks

Pen Chalet’s Top Shading Inks!

Last week we heard from all of you and you cast your votes. Sheen, in a landslide victory, was the winner over shimmer. However, there were a surprising number of votes cast for another ink quality that we have yet to talk about. This week we are bringing you Pen Chalet's Top Shading Inks. Continue

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