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Monteverde Wisdom Purple Ink Bottle

Monteverde Wisdom Purple Ink Review & Giveaway

Monteverde Wisdom Purple Ink is this week's ink review feature (plus a giveaway, of course). This lovely Monteverde fountain pen ink is giving us all the feels, but that's just appropriate sine it's one of the inks featured in Monteverde's Emotions Series featuring kindness, confidence, gratitude, love, motivation, passion, peace, hope, and joy. This particular

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Monteverde Mercury Noir Ink Bottle

Monteverde Mercury Noir Ink Review & Giveaway!

Monteverde Mercury Noir Ink is part of Monteverde’s “Noir” or black based collection of ink colors.  In addition to Mercury Noir, the other Noir colors  are: Mulbury Noir; Azure Noir, Raven Noir, Coal Noir, Rose Noir, Smoke Noir, Jade Noir, Copper Noir and Ocean Noir. All Monteverde’s inks come with ITF technology, which allows for

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Monteverde Copper Noir Ink Review & Giveaway!

Monteverde Copper Noir Ink is one of the newer Monteverde “Noir” or black based inks recently released. Monteverde recently added 10 Noir ink colors to their World of Colors ink collection.  Each bottle of Monteverde Noir ink, contains Monteverde’s ITF technology, which allows for a quick dry time, great ink flow, it lubricates the feeding

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