2023 top 10 fall fountain pen inks

Top 10 Fall Fountain Pen Inks 2023

Can you guess our top 10 Fall fountain pen inks for 2023? Everyone has a favorite Fall ink (or a few favorite fall fountain pen inks); the season is so full of color it’s hard to avoid noticing it and falling in love with it just a little. Since Pen Chalet’s pen and ink fans always love to hear pen and ink recommendations, we put together another Top 10 Fall Fountain Pen Inks list for 2023! See what you think.

2023 Top 10 Fall Fountain Pen Inks:

2023 top 10 fall fountain pen inks

Here are the fountain pen inks we picked for the 2023 Top 10 fall fountain pen inks.

  1. Diamine Red Dragon ink
  2. Ferris Wheel Press Majestic Maple Syrup (from their new Woven Warmth ink collection)
  3. Wearingeul A Star Spattered Hill (from the Yun Dong Ju Literature ink collection)
  4. Pelikan 4001 Dark Green ink
  5. Robert Oster Scorpion ink (a Pen Chalet exclusive)
  6. Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki ink
  7. Wearingeul No Longer Human ink (from the World Literature ink collection)
  8. Wearingeul The Great Sage Heaven’s Equal ink (from the Myths of the World ink collection)
  9. Private Reserve Naples Blue ink
  10. Monteverde Pumpkin Cake ink

Make Ink Swatches of Our Favorite Fall Inks for 2023 With Us!

Watch us create paint swatches of the Top 10 Fall Fountain Pen Inks of 2023 and follow them up with quick writing samples.

Creating Your 2023 Fall Ink Palette:

2023 top 10 fall fountain pen inks, ink swatches

Diamine Red Dragon: A powerful, fiery red ink with a low sheen, Diamine Red Dragon fountain pen ink is ready to ignite your curiosity and add fuel to your best ideas. We picked Red Dragon ink for the 2023 Best Fall Inks List because its reminiscent of the vivid reds amid the delightful fall foliage. Some additional helpful info about Diamine Red Dragon fountain pen ink you may find useful is that it’s a little on the longer side when tested for dry time, has a fairly low resistance to water, and very little shading. If you want to try to work up some shading possibilities make sure you’re using a broad or stub nib (or dip pens – dip pens are always a good option for showing off sheen, shimmer, and shading).

Ferris Wheel Press Majestic Maple Syrup: This soft sepia ink’s touch of golden shimmer is perfect for cozy evenings by the fireplace and waking up to mom’s warm maple syrup over buttermilk pancakes. Note on Ferris Wheel Press Majestic Maple Syrup ink: I was surprised by how dark this ink was in writing compared to the ink swatch we put down with a paint brush.

Wearingeul A Star Spangled Hill: This golden-yellow glistening ink embodies the sweetness of autumn, like drizzling honey over a chunk of freshly baked bread.

Pelikan 4001 Dark Green: The deep, dark green of this stunning ink glides smoothly across the page, just like the decadent mosses that crawl across the forest paths waiting for the first snowfall. Notes on Pelikan 4001 Dark Green ink: This ink was originally released to match a special edition M120 fountain pen. The ink dries quickly, and may offer shading possibilities in wider nibs.

Robert Oster Scorpion: This rich yellow-brown ink evokes the feeling of strolling through a tree-lined avenue with leaves crunching beneath your feet. Scorpion ink is one of the Robert Oster inks that tend to perform fairly well on low-quality paper and has great shading properties; it can be brown, orange, yellow, mustardy… This ink seems to come at you from multiple directions at once (kind of like a scorpion).

Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki: This vivid red-orange fountain pen ink brings the fiery hues of the setting sun to your writing and casts a warm glow across the page. Notes on Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki ink: it’s not very resistant to water, it dries quickly, and if you work for it, you could see a little bit of shading (maybe), but no sheen and no shimmer.

Wearingeul No Longer Human: This unique grey-purple ink brings an ethereal calm to your writing like those quiet fall afternoons when you remember the joy of being still. No sheen, no shimmer, and only minimal shading, No Longer Human ink is a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful results come from keeping things simple.

Wearingeul The Great Sage Heaven’s Equal: This deep burgundy shimmering ink reflecting the changing colors of the season adds a touch of elegance to your writing. Note on Wearingeul The Great Sage Heaven’s Equal ink: In a recent one sentence ink review, our guest reviewer, @from.pens.with.love described this ink as, “So soft and beautiful and the shading is fantastic.”

Private Reserve Naples Blue: This arresting blue ink shade seems bottomless – just like Fall’s chilly, clear afternoon skies. In fact, you may find yourself gazing at it long enough that you’ll notice that the vivid blue can sometimes come across turquoise (especially when you’re using a nib that puts down a lot of ink). Note about Private Reserve Naples Blue ink: Left-handers might want to try this ink. It dries very quickly and doesn’t smear. But don’t test it against water – it will not win.

Monteverde Pumpkin Cake: This beautiful ink captures the woodsy essence of fall, making your words feel as warm and comforting as tossing a log on the fire. Notes on Monteverde Pumpkin Cake ink: this ink is a pretty good shading ink.

Other Lovely Fall Fountain Pen Ink Choices:

2023 top 10 fall fountain pen inks

If you’re still on the hunt, and you didn’t find the fall fountain pen ink you’re looking for on our 2023 Top 10 Fall Fountain Pen Inks List – see if you find what you need on either of these other Top 5/Top 10 Ink Lists.

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2023 top 10 fall fountain pen inks

Do you have any favorite FALL fountain pen inks that aren’t on the list for 2023? Drop us a comment and share your inky secrets! We’d love to hear what your favorite fall inks are or which inks you’d like to see in one of our upcoming ink reviews. Check back soon for more ink reviews, and ink recommendations!

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