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Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat InkBottle

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink Review and Giveaway

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink is one of 13 new ink colors introduced by Taccia in 2018. Known for its high-quality writing instruments, Taccia Pen Company has finally expanded into ink manufacturing. Taccia ink colors are referred to as “true colors” as seen by a child’s eye and are primarily basic common colors. They are

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Taccia Uguisi Ink Bottle

Taccia Uguisu Ink Review and Givaway

Taccia Uguisu Ink, produced by Japanese pen maker, Taccia, is one of 13 newly introduced ink colors. Taccia Pen Company has been making high-quality writing instruments for many years and has continued that tradition in its ink manufacturing. Taccia inks are basic colors or what they refer to as “true colors” as seen by a

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Taccia Sora Ink Bottle

Taccia Sora Ink Review & Giveaway!

Taccia Sora Ink is one of the 13 colors just introduced in by the Taccia Pen Company. Taccia, which has a long standing tradition for producing high quality Japanese writing instruments has done a wonderful job in their introduction of ink to the US market. They have just introduced 13 fountain pen inks, which are

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Introducing Taccia Timeless Pen Collection

Pen Chalet has just received and is ready to ship the new Taccia Timeless Pen Collection of fine writing instruments. The distinctive Taccia Timeless Pen collection combines a six sided forged metal sided pen with beautiful wood grain accents. The new Timeless collection comes in both a fountain pen or ballpoint pen and in either

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