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Limited Edition items are typically numbered and are only available for a limited time. Limited edition items are great for pen collectors or any pen enthusiast. Find out all the latest limited edition pens and inks at Pen Chalet and see the items before they are available to the public.

Retro 51 Tornado Mission to Mars Pen

Introducing the Retro 51 Mission to Mars Tornado Popper

Retro 51 has just announced a new Tornado Popper for 2018, the Retro 51 Mission to Mars pen. Like each Retro 51 Popper pen, the Mission to Mars pen is a limited edition. Reflective of the approximate days a mission to mars would take, Retro 51 has limited this pen to only 730 pieces available.

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Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade and Northern Lights Pens

Introducing The Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade and Northern Light Fountain Pens

Visconti has released two new pens, both of which utilize a jade colored demonstrator acriloid material, the Homo Sapiens and Northern Lights.  These two new Visconti pens are being released just in time for the holidays and will start shipping at the end of November, first part of December. Visconti Pen Company has been on

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Platinum 3776 NICE Lavende Fountain Pen

Introducing The Platinum 3776 Nice Lavende Fountain Pen

Platinum has announced their newest pen from the 3776 Nice series, the Platinum 3776 Nice Lavende Fountain Pen. Since the inception of the Nice series in 2014, they have been very popular and sell out quickly, especially the limited numbered pens. The original 3776 Nice pen had a clear demonstrator barrel and cap with chrome trim. Next

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Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen

Introducing the Limited Edition Pelikan Maki-e Dragonfly Fountain Pen

Pelikan Pen Company produces some of the most sought after pens in the pen community today. The Pelikan Souveran series of fountain pens are recognized immediately throughout the world and are considered one of the finest fountain pens in the market. The newly announced Pelikan M605 Souveran White Transparent collection is just one example. Periodically

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Lamy Pen Company

Lamy Petrol Ink Review & Giveaway!

Lamy Petrol ink is one of the two new ink colors released by Lamy in 2017, along with Pacific Blue. Lamy Petrol ink however exceeded everyone’s expectations, including Lamy, as they did not produce enough bottles to fulfill the demand for this new ink color. Everyone sold out quickly of Lamy Petrol ink and it has not

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