Monthly Archives: December 2013

How to Replace the Refill on the Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Pen

Pull Tip Section out of the Barrel of the Pen We have been asked by our customers how to replace the refill on the Monteverde Tool Pen. We have included a video as well as step by step instructions on how this is done. First select the color and point size

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Unique and Colorful Montblanc Ink Refills for Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens

If you are a pen lover or even pen novice, the chances are that you probably own a classic Montblanc© ballpoint or rollerball pen.   Chances also are that you have historically had only a limited selection and variety of Montblanc ink refills to choose from.  Pen Chalet carries and offers Monteverde brand rollerball and ballpoint

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Give a “Style” Gift This Christmas with a Stylus Pen

iPad with Fingerprints If a loved one’s tablet looks anything like this one, it’s time to give him or her a quality Stylus Pen from Pen Chalet for Christmas this year.  Stylus pens come in many different styles, trendy colors, from the high quality Monteverde brand.  Pen Chalet has a wide

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