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How to Choose a Pen. Which Pen is Right for Me?

When selecting a pen you may wonder what is the difference between the inks each pen uses and which pen is right for me. There are so many different types of pens and the inks they use it can be tough deciding how to choose a pen. This article will cover the various types of

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Noodler's Ink

Introducing Noodler’s Ink

Pen Chalet would like to announce that we are now pleased to be carrying Noodler’s Ink! Noodler’s is well know and beloved by pen aficionados, beginners and even conservationists alike. Noodler’s ink has been well known for its no-nonsense approach to creating a sensible, economic alternative to fountain pen ink purchases. Getting to know Noodler’s

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Unique and Colorful Montblanc Ink Refills for Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens

If you are a pen lover or even pen novice, the chances are that you probably own a classic Montblanc© ballpoint or rollerball pen.   Chances also are that you have historically had only a limited selection and variety of Montblanc ink refills to choose from.  Pen Chalet carries and offers Monteverde brand rollerball and ballpoint

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