Monthly Archives: August 2016

Introducing the Nemosine Pen Company!

We have continued our expansion of products offered to our loyal customers with the Nemosine Pen Company.  Earlier this year, we added additional brands such as Rohrer & Klingner, Royce and Ink Miser.  Later this month we are looking forward to the addition of Jinhao pens, which will become our 45th brand. Nemosine, the latest brand Pen Chalet has become

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Pelikan Pen Company

Introducing the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled Pen Collection

Pelikan has reintroduced the Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled pen collection for 2016. The 205 series is back and brighter than ever than before! Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled Fountain Pen The Pelikan 205 Blue Marbled has a stunning blue barrel with a fascinating mix of shades that creates a deep, rich mixture

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Waterman Pen Company

Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink Review

Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink is a mainstay and popular everyday Waterman fountain pen ink color. Waterman describes this color as blue-black, which is true to some degree. However, Waterman Mysterious Blue ink in reality is a lighter blue black or blue-gray color that is very pleasing. The gray coloring in this dark blue fountain pen

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