Monthly Archives: April 2016

Delta Pen Company

Introducing the Delta Icon Collection

New for 2016 is the Delta Icon Collection from Delta Pen Company, known for their distinctive style, dependable performance and quality. Delta Icon Collection Clip Design The New Icon collection reflects the dedication Delta puts into their writing instruments. It also reflect the trademarked Delta logo within the metal alloy clip design

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Platinum Pens

The New Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen

The new Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen embodies the story of Fudo Myo-o with stunning maki-e on the body of the pen. Created with a ebonite cap and barrel of the Platinum Izumo pens and then painted with several maki-e steps and processes. Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen Kurikara-ken is the sword held by Fudo Myo-o who

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Visconti Pen Company

Introducing the New Visconti Manhattan Magma Pen Collection

New for 2016 is the Visconti Manhattan Magma pen collection. This limited edition pen is inspired by New York City and it's predecessor pens, the original Visconti Manhattan, created in 1994, and the Wall Street in 2003. New York has always been a fountain of inspiration for Visconti and is the key to motivating this latest pen

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Parafernalia Pen Company

Introducing the Parafernalia Pen Company

New to Pen Chalet for 2016 is the Parafernalia Pen Company based out of Milanese Italy where they make their pens! We are excited about this new Italian pen brand and their design and writing innovation. Parafernalia Revolution Ballpoint Pen Parafernalia and their Italian designers have created some unique and interesting writing instruments

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