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Platinum Pens

The New Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen

The new Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen embodies the story of Fudo Myo-o with stunning maki-e on the body of the pen. Created with a ebonite cap and barrel of the Platinum Izumo pens and then painted with several maki-e steps and processes. Platinum Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen Kurikara-ken is the sword held by Fudo Myo-o who

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Maki-e Pens and Writing Instruments

“Maki-e” is a historic Japanese art form developed over 1500 years ago, which literally means “sprinkled picture” in Japanese. Originally, Maki-e pens and other objects are created by experienced Japanese artisans who applied skills and techniques handed down usually through family lines. Maki-e art soon gained notoriety among the royal and elite members of the

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