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Scribo Grigio Ink Bottle

Scribo Grigio Fountain Pen Ink Review & Giveaway

This week we're talking about Scribo Grigio fountain pen ink! Scribo is a reasonably new pen and ink company. They started up in 2016 on the heels of the Omas Pen Company's demise. Initially, Scribo was focused solely on creating high-end fountain pens, but in 2020 they expanded their repertoire, and they now offer luxurious

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Rohrer & Klingner Solferino Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

Rohrer & Klingner Solferino Fountain Pen Ink: Weekly Review & Giveaway

This week's ink review and giveaway with Pen Chalet features Rohrer & Klingner Solferino fountain pen ink! We hope you’re ready to hear all about it! Rohrer & Klingner (R&K) Solferino fountain pen ink is one of 17 bright, vibrant colors offered by this historic ink manufacturer (actively producing ink since 1892). Rohrer & Klingner inks

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Robert Oster GoGo Ink Bottle

Weekly Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Meet Robert Oster GoGo Ink

This week's Pen Chalet ink review and giveaway is a new release from Robert Oster Ink Company, Signature Ink GoGo. We just recently received our initial shipment of this new ink, sent our way by Robert Oster, prolific ink creator and all-around fun guy. We couldn't resist the chance to review GoGo once it arrived

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100th Anniversary Pilot Ebisu Ink Bottle

Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: 100th Anniversary Pilot Ebisu Ink

Pilot 100th Anniversary Ink commemorated the Pilot Namiki 100th anniversary in 2018. To celebrate the massive milestone, the company released a series of seven Maki-e fountain pens each representing one of the seven Gods of Good Fortune. Along with the Maki-e pens, Pilot released a set of seven complimentary, limited edition ink colors representing the

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