Monthly Archives: October 2014

Field Notes

Introducing Field Notes Cherry Graph Notebook

Pen Chalet is proud to carry the new Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook. Field Notes recently offered the Shelterwood limited edition notebook that featured a cover made from real wood. The product was an instant success and they sold out quickly. The response was so good Field Notes decided to create another real wood cover

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Top Starter Fountain Pens

We are commonly asked what are the top starter fountain pens. Everyone has a personal preference which is the best starter fountain pen. Based on a few simple criteria such as economical, easy to use and low maintenance we suggest the following fountain pens. Let's start with a couple of the most popular first. Lamy

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Platinum Pens

Introducing The Platinum 3776 Century Nice Pur Fountain Pen

Platinum pen lovers have responded wonderfully to the recently introduced Platinum #3776 Century Nice Fountain Pen prompting Platinum to introduce the Platinum 3776 Century Nice Pur Fountain Pen. The original Nice pen, with its beautiful lines, sandblasted translucent cap and body and rose gold accents, was well received and highly appreciated for a well constructed

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