Field Notes

Introducing Field Notes Cherry Graph Notebook

Pen Chalet is proud to carry the new Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook. Field Notes recently offered the Shelterwood limited edition notebook that featured a cover made from real wood. The product was an instant success and they sold out quickly. The response was so good Field Notes decided to create another real wood cover using cherry wood and add it to their regular lineup.

Field Notes Cherry Graph NotebookOne of the reasons users loved the Field Notes Shelterwood because of the ability to stain the color and create their own custom look. The Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook also features a real wood cover that also can be stained.

The Field Notes Cherry Wood notebook features the tried and true Finch Opaque Smooth 50#T paper. It contains 48 pages of 3/16” graph paper inside.The notebook is the size of the Field Notes standard notebooks and measures 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall making it ideal to carry.

The new Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook will be available in late October 2014 and should be around for awhile. Pen Chalet should have them in stock and ready to purchase soon so if they are not currently available check back soon. The Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook retails for the same price as their Field Notes Original notebooks at $9.95. This is a great buy and should be a very popular item. Pen Chalet is excited for the Field Notes Cherry Graph notebook!