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Chou Kuro and Carbon Black ink swatches

Platinum Chou Kuro vs. Carbon Black Ink: Blackest of Black Ink Comparison

Are you ready for the Chou Kuro vs. Carbon Black ink in the blackest-of-black ink comparison? Today, we're pitting the new Platinum blackest of black ink, Chou Kuro fountain pen ink, against the previous Blackest of Black ink title holder, Platinum Carbon Black ink. Let's learn a little bit more about these two contenders and

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orange ink comparison

Favorite Orange Fountain Pen Inks: Orange Ink Comparison

Time for an orange ink comparison in which we pull 6 of our favorite orange fountain pen inks and put them side by side for an ink splash, an ink swatch, and a quick writing sample so you can see how they perform compared to one another. Let's take a look at 6 of our

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top 5 fountain pen inks, most popular inks of 2022

Red Ink Comparison & Giveaway

We have a treat for you today. We've had several requests for red ink reviews, and a red ink comparison, so we're coming through for the red ink fans with a red ink comparison & giveaway! Requests for red ink reviews and comparisons ranged from specific ink requests (hello Diamine Oxblood and Robert Oster Sedona

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robert oster blue ink comparison

Celebrate Robert Oster Ink’s 5th Anniversary: Blue Ink Comparison

Did you know Robert Oster Ink is celebrating their 5th Anniversary? Join in the fun with the currently running Buy One Robert Oster 50ml ink, Get One Robert Oster Drink for Your Pen Notepad, the Robert Oster InkArt Competition going on now, or just dive into today's Blue Ink Comparison of a lineup of popular

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montegrappa harry potter ink comparison

Montegrappa Harry Potter Ink Comparison & Knight Bus Giveaway

Get ready for a Montegrappa Harry Potter Ink Comparison (& Knight Bus Purple Ink GIVEAWAY!) Since this week was wild and crazy...we're going to stick with the theme we started and feature our weekly giveaway ink alongside one of our ink comparison video writeups. If you've ever fallen in love with an ink because of

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