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Pilot Namiki Pen company

Pilot Namiki Blue Ink Review

Pilot Namiki Blue Ink is one of only 2 color options available. Pilot offers a fabulous variety of colors in the Namiki Iroshizuku fountain pen ink series but only blue and black under the Namiki standard ink label. They do however offer a few additional colors in the Pilot IC-50 ink cartridges. Pilot Namiki Blue ink is one of our favorite

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Platinum Pens

Platinum 3776 Nice Lilas Fountain Pen, Just Announced!

Just announced is the new Platinum 3776 Nice Lilas Fountain Pen. This new edition to the 3776 Nice series is named after the Lilac flower, Lilas is French for lilac. Nice of course is a world-renowned resort and tourist city in southern France that boasts the ocean as well as the mountains. The radiant sunshine

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Visconti Pen Company

Introducing the Visconti Brunelleschi Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The new limited edition Visconti Brunelleschi fountain with only 388 pieces worldwide. Visconti wanted to use a material that represented Florence so they chose the Cotto Fiorentino Terracotta, used in artifacts and buildings since about 5000 BC. The pen is named after the Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi, who designed and engineered the dome of the Florentine Cathedral using Cotto

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Diamine Ink Company

Diamine Red Lustre Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink Review

Diamine Red Lustre Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink is one of the new shades of Diamine Shimmering fountain pen ink. Red Lustre is a deep dark bold red color, that will dry with gold flecks and a sparkle in the ink. Diamine Ink company has produced 22 shimmering/sparkling inks with either a gold or silver fleck

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Lamy Pen Company

Lamy Blue Black Ink Review

Lamy Blue Black ink has a very popular Blue Black color. Produced the German Pen Manufacturer, Lamy, known for some of the world’s best loved and respected fountain pens, with their simplistic and innovative functional designs yet exceptionally high quality. Lamy inks follows a similar pattern with a no frills, inexpensive functional ink that come in

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