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Monteverde Capri Blue Ink Review

Monteverde Capri Blue Ink is a fabulous water-based blue ink manufactured in the UK for the American based pen company, Monteverde. Monteverde has long produced one of the best inks on the market for the price with their ITF ink technology. ITF, which stands for Ink Treatment Formula, lubricates the ink feeding system, allows for extended cap-off time when using your fountain pen and has improved on its ink’s dry time and ink flow. Monteverde, which previously only produced standard colors such as black, blue, blue black, red, purple, green and brown in a large bottle, has just released a variety of new marvelous colors, 23 in total including 2 new permanent inks. Even some of the old standard colors received a name upgrade as well although the color didn’t change. Monteverde Capri Blue is one of the new colors introduced an is a vibrant beautiful blue color, similar but slightly darker than Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink and slightly lighter than Sailor Souten Ink. Blue ink lovers will absolutely love this fabulous color along with Monteverde’s great ink characteristic and reasonable price.

Monteverde Capri Blue Ink

Monteverde Capri Blue Ink

We found the following characteristics while testing Monteverde Capri Blue ink:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia Bloc. N. 18 paper for this ink review.

Bottle Sizes

One of the changes to the Monteverde bottle ink line is introducing a new 30 ml. glass ink bottle to large Monteverde 90 ml. ink bottle. The small Monteverde 30 ml. ink is a simple square design but the large 90 ml. glass bottle retains its unique design with a large semi-round base and narrow neck allowing the bottle to be placed on its side when grasping for those last few drops of ink.


Monteverde is a cost conscious ink brand that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The smaller 30 ml. glass bottles retail for $8.00 with the large 90 ml. ink bottles retail for $15.00. Pen Chalet offers all Monteverde inks at a discounted price.

Dry Time

Using the J. Herbin glass dip pen, the dry time for the Monteverde Capri Blue ink was a reasonable 7-8 seconds. The relatively quick dry time allows Monteverde Capri Blue to be used as an every day ink.

Bleed Through

We experienced no bleeding using the dip pen on Rhodia Bloc. N. 18 paper.


During regular use on Rhodia paper we experience no feathering at all. However during the water test feathering was quite noticeable.

Water Test

We ran a soaking wet cotton swab over a ink sample after letting it dry for about 3 minutes, which produced significant color smearing and feathering. Monteverde Capri Blue is not a water proof ink.


Monteverde Capri Blue ink will produce some nice shading depending on the nib used and ink flow.

Conclusion about the Monteverde Capri Blue Ink

Overall Monteverde Capri Blue is a good value ink, with tremendous ink flow with its ITF technology, that is a great blue color. With the new Monteverde 30 ml. bottles and 23 colors, many of which are new, it’s a great time to pick up Monteverde Capri Blue or another couple Monteverde ink colors today.