Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink Review

Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink is one of Stipula’s 14 ink colors. Although not one of the 6 new Stipula Calamo Ink colors, it’s consistently been the most popular color for many years. Stipula ink comes in a simple designed ink bottle that is developed specifically to protect the ink from light and deterioration from extended exposure. The box design also protects the bottle of ink during the shipping process and storage, as it does not touch the sides of the cardboard box and is protected even if you drop the ink on a hard floor. A distinct feature of the Stipula Calamo inks is to have a dot of the actual ink on the outside of both the box and the bottle so you know exactly the ink color you are getting. The Musk Green color, Verde Muschiato, is a fabulous green color, which is more of a khaki or army green, rather than a true bright green shade. Wetter nibs will produce a dark almost black-green color, with the dryer nibs producing a lighter Army green color.

Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink

Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink

We have found the following characteristics using Stipula Calamo Musk Green ink that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin spiral glass dip pen on Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper during this ink review.

Bottle Sizes

Stipula Musk Green, and all Stipula Calamo inks, come in a simplistic round 2.3 oz (70 ml.) bottle. The dark brown bottle, similar in color to a beer bottle, does not show the ink color inside, which is why a drop of ink is on the label outside the bottle indicating the color. The ink bottle has a large lid that permits easy pen access when filing your pen.


Stipula Calamo Musk Green ink is a mid level priced ink that we feel is worth the expense. The large sized 70 ml. bottle retails for $19.00, which makes it not the cheapest ink on the market but not the most expensive either. Pen Chalet offers Stipula Musk Green for a discounted price making it even more attractive.

Dry Time

Using the glass dip pen on Rhodia paper, we experienced a very reasonable 7-10 second dry time. Not as fast as other Stipula inks, such as Stipula Fading Grey, which had a lightning quick 1-2 second dry time, but still reasonable enough to use as a daily ink.

Bleed Through

We experienced no bleeding when using Stipula Musk Green ink on Rhodia paper.


We did not experience any feathering during normal use with Stipula Calamo Musk Green ink. However, a slight feathering was observed during the water test.

Water Test

During the water test, where we ran a soaking wet cotton swab over Stipula Calamo Musk ink sample after produced some color smearing (although limited compared to many other inks) and a slight feathering. Overall, Stipula Musk Green ink holds up pretty well, although it is not a waterproof ink.


Stipula Musk Green ink can produce significant shading, depending on the quantity of ink your pen lays down. The dark wet lines to the lighter green dry lines can be quite elegant.

Conclusion about the Stipula Calamo Musk Green Ink

We love this ink, not only is it a top seller at Pen Chalet, we love its characteristics, quick drying, unique color, lack of bleeding and reasonable price for this Italian imported. Enjoy.