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Diamine Pink Glitz Shimmering Ink Review

Diamine Pink Glitz Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink is another new Diamine Shimmering ink color being offered. Pink Glitz has a darker pink tone with a golden sheen/glitz showing through when dried. During normal use, Diamine Pink Glitz has a muted red color not true pink. However, with finer nibs and less ink, the pink will come out. Diamine Ink has 22 shimmering ink offerings, some with silver flecks, others with gold. This muted red or dark pink color looks great with the golden sparkle.

Shimmering inks stand out, make a statement and look fantastic with journals or letter writing. Diamine Shimmering ink along with J. Herbin 1670 inks are the most common sparkling inks in fountain pen inks. Diamine inks are manufactured in the UK, are affordable, and come in a numerous array of colors and options.

Diamine Pink Glitz Shimmering Ink

Diamine Pink Glitz Shimmering Ink

We noticed the following traits when using Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz ink that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip spiral pen during this ink review on Block Rhodia paper. The spiral dip pen is equivalent to an extra fine-fine nib.

Bottle Sizes

Diamine Shimmering inks come in a standard round 50 ml. bottle unlike the normal larger 80 ml. Diamine bottle used in their standard ink colors. The opening fits a small lid, which we do not feel is ideal, but usable. Unlike the normal Diamine colors which come in two sizes, large 90 ml. glass bottles and smaller 30 ml. plastic bottles, the Shimmering inks come in only a 50 ml. glass bottle.


Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz is more expensive than the standard Diamine ink colors and retails for $20.00. However, like all Diamine Shimmering inks, Pen Chalet offers Pink Glitz at a discounted price.

Dry Time

Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz has a very quick dry time of approximately 2-3 seconds using the glass dip pen on Rhodia paper. A great characteristic of most Diamine inks is its quick dry time. Once the fountain pen ink dries you will notice the golden sheen contained within Pink Glitz.

Bleed Through

There was no bleeding using Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz ink on Rhodia paper with the dip pen. Even using the wet cotton swab did not produce any bleeding.


During normal use, we didn’t notice any feathering. However, during the water test, some feathering was noticeable.

Water Test

After letting Pink Glitz dry for about 3 minutes we ran a wet swab over our ink sample which produced some color smearing and feathering. Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz is not waterproof.


Although hard to tell using a fine to extra fine nib, Diamine Pink Glitz will produce some shading, from the darker wet lines which look like a light muted red to the drier lines which are a darker pink in color. This color combination, along with the gold sheen, definitely makes this ink unique.

Conclusion about the Diamine Pink Glitz Shimmering Ink

For those that like Shimmering gold specked inks, Diamine Shimmering Pink Glitz is a good choice for a fun color with nice shading, quick dry time and reasonably priced. Happy Writing!