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Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue Collection, Special Edition for 2017!

We are thrilled to introduce the new Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue, the special edition color for 2017!  The loved Lamy Al-Star, made of anodized aluminum for its body and cap with its internationally recognized large chrome clip. The same clip design can also be found in the plastic body version Lamy Safari pen.  These pens are loved by both pen enthusiasts and novices alike, for their unique design, ease of use and superbly manufactured German nibs.

Lamy Al-star Pacific Blue

Lamy Al-star Pacific Blue

As in past years such as 2015’s Copper Orange and 2016’s Charged Green Al-Star colors, Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue is a special edition release and when they are gone, they are gone!  We fully expect our inventory to sell out quickly and although we will continue to restock the pen as long as we are able from our distributor, we suggest you purchase your 2017’s Lamy Al-Star in Pacific Blue right away.

Lamy’s Pacific Blue Al-Star is a bright, vibrant blue color, almost turquoise, representing the gorgeous waters of the Pacific Ocean.  As most of our customers have multiple Al-Star pens, in a variety of colors, Pacific Blue will make a wonderful addition to your Lamy Al-Star and Safari collection, or a perfect color to start your collection with if you don’t have one already. Both the Lamy Al-Star and Lamy Safari fountain pens are well known for their quality, performance and value in the writing community and often chosen as the best starter fountain pens.

As with all other Lamy Al-Star colors, Pen Chalet is offering the Pacific Blue in a fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen option.  Additionally, Lamy has also introduced its ink products, both bottle ink and 5 pack cartridges in Pacific Blue, which is a turquoise blue color.

Pen Chalet carries the Pacific Blue fountain pen, which comes in extra fine, fine and medium nib sizes, but we also carry Lamy nibs that are easy to interchange and swap with your Al-Star (or Safari) in fun larger nibs, such as broad, and italic 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm sizes.  The retail price for the Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue fountain pen is $47.00, but is offered at Pen Chalet at a discount.  The Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue rollerball and ballpoint pens retail for $42.00 or $33.60 respectively and you can place your order today!

As with all Lamy Al-Star fountain pens and Lamy Safari fountain pens, your pen will come with one Lamy ink cartridge, but no converter.  We suggest that you also purchase a Lamy LZ24 converter to go with your Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue fountain pen so that you may enjoy all your favorite bottled ink colors with your new pen.  Lamy Pacific Blue glass bottled ink and Lamy Pacific Blue ink cartridges are also available at Pen Chalet for $8.40 and $3.60 respectively, making Lamy ink one of the best values in the ink market today.  The new 2017 Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue collection is sure to be a hit, so don’t wait.  Happy Writing!