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J Herbin Cornaline d'Egypte

J Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte Review and Giveaway!

J Herbin has recently announced the newest addition to their 1798 fountain pen ink line. J Herbin Cornaline d'Egypte is a beautiful orange fountain pen ink with silver shimmer particles, that derives it's name from the gemstone Carnelian, or Cornaline in French. The Carnelian gemstone was used often in Royal Egyptian Jewelry, and also had religious symbolism. There

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Colorverse Tokyo 2018 Hayabusa SE Ink

Introducing Colorverse Tokyo 2018 Hayabusa SE Ink!

Colorverse has recently announced that they will be participating in the ISOT 2018 Exhibition, Japan's largest Stationary Trade Show. To celebrate this, they are announcing the Tokyo 2018 Hayabusa SE Ink! The pre-order for the Colorverse Hayabusa SE Ink is currently open, and we expect our shipment to arrive in the upcoming weeks. Colorverse Tokyo

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Krishna Black Rose

Krishna Black Rose Ink Review & Giveaway!

Krishna Black Rose Ink is the newest of Dr. Sreekumar’s “sheentastic” creations and is part of the Krishna RC series of inks. The RC series are meant to have lots of sheening traits as opposed to the Krishna Super Rich series which are their basic non-sheening ink colors. Krishna Black Rose ink is purple based color,

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Retro 51 Buzz Rescue Ballpoint Pen

Retro 51 Buzz Rescue Ballpoint Pen Review and Giveaway!

Welcome back to another Review and Giveaway! Retro 51 has recently released a new addition to their Rescue Pen line: the Retro 51 Buzz Rescue Ballpoint Pen. Retro 51 is great about supporting charities and other non-profit organizations who bring about good. Each pen in the Retro 51 Rescue pen line has a generous portion of

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Monteverde Copper Noir Ink Review & Giveaway!

Monteverde Copper Noir Ink is one of the newer Monteverde “Noir” or black based inks recently released. Monteverde recently added 10 Noir ink colors to their World of Colors ink collection.  Each bottle of Monteverde Noir ink, contains Monteverde’s ITF technology, which allows for a quick dry time, great ink flow, it lubricates the feeding

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