Krishna Black Rose

Krishna Black Rose Ink Review & Giveaway!

Krishna Black Rose Ink is the newest of Dr. Sreekumar’s “sheentastic” creations and is part of the Krishna RC series of inks. The RC series are meant to have lots of sheening traits as opposed to the Krishna Super Rich series which are their basic non-sheening ink colors. Krishna Black Rose ink is purple based color, as are other RC series of inks, Christmas Eve; Winter, Moonview and Anokhi. However, Krishna Black Rose ink definitely has a pink tint on the lighter strokes. Some have even referred Krishna Black Rose ink as a black-pink color. The Black Rose ink also has some great black green sheening as well. Bottom line, the ink has some amazing color traits that come out with the skill of ones penmanship, nib and paper used.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Krishna Black Rose Ink we used for this review.

Krishna Black Rose Ink Review

Krishna Black Rose Ink Review

We are a proud retailer of all Krishna inks currently available and will be one of the first in America to carry each of their new colors as they are released by Dr. Shreekumar in India. Our review of Krishna Black Rose ink produced the following traits that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

For our review of Krishna Black Rose ink we used a J. Herbin glass dip pen with Rhodia dot pad paper. Our glass dip pen’s tip is equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna inks are known for many wonderful things, such as its shading, sheening and their reasonable price. Additionally, Krishna inks are known for their one size a 20 ml. simple glass bottle with non-descript packaging and modest labeling to help keep the cost down. Although the bottle and packaging are simple, the inks inside are fantastic, which is really what you are paying for.


Krishna Black Rose ink is very reasonably priced at $9.00 for a 20 ml. glass bottle. Being imported directly from India, Krishna RC series of inks are a good value. The Krishna Super Rich series of inks are slightly less than the RC series and retail for only $8.00 in the USA for the same 20 ml. glass bottle. The Super Rich Series are Krishna’s non-sheening, basic ink colors.

Dry Time

We found a reasonably quick dry time of approximately 6-7 seconds with the Black Rose ink, which is quite fast for a sheening, medium saturated ink. Dry times will definitely vary depending on the nib, paper and stroke used in your writing.

Bleed Through

During our review of Krishna Black Rose ink we found absolutely zero bleeding using Rhodia dot pad paper.


Krishna Black Rose ink produced crisp, distinct lines throughout our review. Even during the water test, we only founds slight line distortion and feathering.

Water Test

Krishna Black Rose ink is water-based, non-waterproof ink. For our water test, we ran a wet cotton swab over an ink sample that has dried for about 3 minutes. This test resulted in significant color smearing, but very little line distortion and feathering.

Shading & Sheening

This is where Krishna Black Rose ink and all RC series of Krishna inks excel. Krishna RC inks shade and sheen in fantastic ways. Krishna Black Rose ink produced some amazing shading, from dark deep purple with black-green spots to medium and light purple and pink shades. The sheen produced with the wetter lines is a dark black-green color, which adds to the uniqueness of this ink.

Conclusion about the Krishna Black Rose Ink

Krishna Black Rose ink is another wonderful ink produced by Dr. Shreekumar in India. It has great traits such as its unique color, sheening, shading and dry time. The price is very reasonable allowing for pen and ink lovers to try a variety of Krishna ink colors without breaking the bank. Although Krishna Black Rose ink does not sheen as much as some of the mega sheening inks such as Organics Studio Walden Blue, it still is easy to obtain a nice sheen with standard paper and nibs. As with all sheening inks, it is suggested that you take extra care with your fountain pens and clean them every couple of weeks while using a sheening ink to avoid unwanted clogging. Using a pen flush such as Pen Chalet’s Fountain Pen Flush makes this cleaning task much more simple. If you like the color purple and want to have fun with this ink and what it can do, you will love using Krishna Black Rose ink. Happy Writing from India!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Krishna Black Rose ink that we used in this ink review:

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3 years ago

I enjoy Jungle Volcano, and this looks like another good one.

Joe Casabona
3 years ago

This looks sooooo pretty!

3 years ago

Thank you. You have fantastic giveaways all the time.

Amy R
3 years ago

I always love a good purple ink!

sonny veneracion
3 years ago

Oooh, love that color! ;p

John Stein
3 years ago

I have not tried Krishna inks yet, but they look amazing!

Ged Alangui
3 years ago

Cool review on this ink. I’m not a fan of purplish inks though. The vintage Pelikan 4001s are my favorite.

3 years ago

Im falling in love with Krishna inks, I love Anukhi.

Rachel McNulty
3 years ago

Wow! This ink is amazing. I am really into the pink ink family and this one has some great properties

3 years ago

Great review as always! Love the purple colour and I think the ink is aptly named.

3 years ago

Looking at these colors, I imagine they would be fantastic for nature sketching, and being cheap only makes it more of an attractive option. I’d like to see more inks centered around sketching.

3 years ago

I would love to see the Diamine copper shimmer inks reviewed here, and thanks for the giveaway!

3 years ago

Awesome sheen!

Faye Kwan
3 years ago

This ink looks amazing!! I got a few Krishna inks from you and love them! This one looks like a must for my collection.

For the next review can you do some of the new color verse inks?

Mark Junk
3 years ago

Wow that’s a great looking ink. I need some of that in my life

Michael Simon
3 years ago

I’d be interested in learning about DeAtrementis shimmering inks.

Thomas D Blanchard
3 years ago

Loving your selection of Krishna inks. I just ordered three!

Patrick Tinney
3 years ago

I’m heavy into pink lately so I am wondering about Rohrer & Klingner’s Fernambuk.

3 years ago

Looks like it could be a fun ink.

Beth Fralix
3 years ago

Gorgeous Colour ink!! Purple with gold sheen is AMAZING!!’ Thank You for the chance to Win!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

3 years ago

Love purple inks

3 years ago

The purply ink looks sooooo good. <3

Emily jensen
3 years ago

Love this line of ink, I have winter and it’s such a great ink!

Sarah Wishnevsky
3 years ago

Those Krishna sheening inks are amazing.

Andrew Mulnix
3 years ago

I’ve been hearing good things about sailor inks.

3 years ago

Very pretty ink!!!!

Gini Cooper
3 years ago

Your reviews are wonderful. The only problem is that I’m running of room for ink. I’d love to see some color comparisons in your reviews.

3 years ago

That sheen is amazing

Angela McRae
3 years ago

J Herbin inks are my favorites, but I also enjoy learning about new inks in your reviews.

Ruth Morrisson
3 years ago

Hmmm…. My favorite ink? Decisions decisions — I love blues and blue blacks, mossy greens, smack in the middle of the spectrum reds, most purples (from the red violet range to the blue violets), and a lot of pinks and silver greys. But I’d maybe have to say De Atramentis Red Roses. It’s a pretty color — red violet coming out of some pens, magenta/pink (sort of the color of R. gallica ‘Officinalis’, the “Apothecary Rose”) from others. And when you open a bottle? It smells like roses are SUPPOSED to smell….

3 years ago


3 years ago

Lovely ink

3 years ago


Ron Parish
3 years ago

I would like to see more Waterman ink reviews.

Julie rose
3 years ago

That ink looks sheentastic!! I must get my hands on some Krishna ink!!

3 years ago

This ink look awesome. I’m currently in the quest for the perfect sepia ink, do you have any favorite? I bought the Sheaffer sepia ink a couple years ago, but today I open it and it changed to green. So, I prefer any ink a little more stable.

Melanie Wittman
3 years ago

Thank you for this. I would love to see more ink reviews, particularly Krishna and Organics Studios.

3 years ago

A dramatic name for a nice dramatic color

Mark Nelson
3 years ago

A nice color.

matthew fitzgerald
3 years ago

Would like to see reviews of the new Mont Blanc inks

Sharon A.
3 years ago

Enjoying the Krishna Ink reviews and would like to see more.

3 years ago

Definitely going to need a bottle of this ink

David Verbsky
3 years ago

I’d be interested in getting a bottle of the Jungle Volcano when it restocks, keep up the Krishna reviews!

3 years ago

That’s a pretty cool color ! It reminds me the Noir Collection Of Monteverde.

3 years ago

That’s a pretty cool pink ! I love these noir mixes, it reminds me Monteverde collection.

3 years ago

My trouble with the super-sheeners is that they create a bunch of dried up ink shards that get everywhere, and are an inky mess waiting to happen at first sign of moisture. But hopefully this ink is different.