Monteverde Copper Noir Ink Review & Giveaway!

Monteverde Copper Noir Ink is one of the newer Monteverde “Noir” or black based inks recently released. Monteverde recently added 10 Noir ink colors to their World of Colors ink collection.  Each bottle of Monteverde Noir ink, contains Monteverde’s ITF technology, which allows for a quick dry time, great ink flow, it lubricates the feeding system and allows for an extended cap-off time.

Monteverde Copper Noir ink is a fabulous dark orange copper color, with a hint of a dark or black where the ink is heavily applied. Monteverde Copper Noir ink has more orange in its color than red like the Organics Studio Oscar’s Copper ink. The color of this ink is closer to the Diamine Ancient Copper ink. Monteverde Copper Noir ink is a nice super dark orange ink that shows up well on white paper and is dark enough for everyday use. All Monteverde ink is manufactured in Europe, but packaged in the United States.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Monteverde Copper Noir Ink we used for this review.

Monteverde Copper Noir Ink Review

Monteverde Copper Noir Ink Review

We found the following traits during our review of Monteverde Copper Noir ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

During our review of Monteverde Copper Noir ink we used French made Rhodia dot pad paper with a J. Herbin glass dip spiral pen.

Bottle Sizes

Monteverde bottled ink is available in two ink sizes, the regular and very large capacity 90 ml. glass bottle as well as a smaller, almost trial sized, 30 ml. glass bottle. Monteverde Copper Noir ink also comes in a 12 pack of ink cartridges as well.


Monteverde Copper Noir ink retails for $8.00 per 30 ml. glass bottle and $15.00 for the larger 90 ml. glass bottle. These prices make Monteverde Copper Noir ink an economical ink choice and great value.

Dry Time

During our review of Monteverde Copper Noir ink we found a very quick dry time of approximately 5-6 seconds, which makes this ink very usable in both the home or office. Our dry time was experienced with a glass dip pen on Rhodia paper. Please note that other paper and nib sizes may produce different results.

Bleed Through

There was no bleeding at all during any part of our test using Monteverde Copper Noir ink.


During normal use we found absolutely no additional feathering while using Monteverde Copper Noir ink. All lines were clear, crisp and distinct. During the water test, we did notice some slight feathering and line distortion at its wettest parts.

Water Test

We ran a soaking wet cotton swab over an ink sample of Monteverde Copper Noir ink after it had dried for about 3 minutes. The results were some additional line distortion and feathering and some significant color smearing, all of which is not abnormal for a water-based non-waterproof ink.


Monteverde Copper Noir ink will produce some fantastic shading with the right nib, and handwriting skills. The color of the ink ranges from light orange to deep dark orange/copper that is almost black. There was even a slight amount of sheening at the wettest points of the review.

Conclusion About the Monteverde Copper Noir Ink

Monteverde ink in general has become a great, economical ink option. They have over 50 ink colors to choose from, are fountain pen friendly, and has great characteristics, colors and price. Monteverde Copper Noir ink is a striking dark shade of orange, with a slight black tint. The price is right,especially at the smaller 30 ml. size, to pick up two or three “Noir” colors. They are all unique dark varieties of a basic color shade. Happy writing from the EU to America!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Monteverde Copper Noir ink that we used in this ink review:

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3 years ago

This ink has been on my buy list for a while!

3 years ago
Reply to  Aaron

Great looking ink!

3 years ago

I know people gravitate to crazy sheen/shading/sparkly inks, but would love to see more reviews for those of us who use fountain pens at work. Inks that are dark but not black, have no shading (So hard to find), no sheen, and no sparkles. And that can be used on the worst, lightest-weight paper available.

Joshua Elman
3 years ago

I really like how Monteverde’s Noir collection looks in reviews, especially their Rose Noir and Mercury Noir. I’d love to get a bottle for myself but it’s not available in my country 🙁

Mark Junk
3 years ago

This looks like a great color. Thanks for reviewing it for us.

3 years ago

pretty color

Ged Alangui
3 years ago

This has a similar shade to my favorite ink, Diamine Ancient Copper.

Rachel McNulty
3 years ago

Gorgeous color! It really does have a copper cast to it.

3 years ago

Love this dark orange color

Emily jensen
3 years ago

I really like this entire noir line, they are ask such great colors!

3 years ago

That’s a great looking ink. I love the shading on it.

3 years ago

All the colours in this collection seem so gorgeous ! I’d love to try them out !!

Latif Kosu
3 years ago

pretty color

Jacob Thebault-Spieker
3 years ago

I’m pretty taken by this color, for sure!

Mike Solinas
3 years ago

That color is awesome!

sonny veneracion
3 years ago

ooh, ‘love this shade of copper! ;p

Sara Hagen
3 years ago

Lovely color! Monteverde inks are one of my favorites

Michael Simon
3 years ago

I’d like to see reviews of the DeAtrementis glitter inks.

3 years ago

I’m pleased to see that you’ve introduced more reviews on ink types I was interested in. The price and volume of this ink are fantastic, and it looks very useful for some art applications. I imagine their other colors would be great options as well, especially any greens or reds. Keep up the reviews on these economical inks suitable for art applications. Perhaps do a pleasant green ink next time?

3 years ago

Beautiful color!

Pastor Ron Parish
3 years ago

I would like to see you do a shootout with like colors. Blues, reds, browns, etc..

Nathan Matell
3 years ago

Love it, all oranges are bright. This looks a little easier in the eyes when reading too

Teresa Fuhrmeister
3 years ago

This ink is beautiful!

Beth Fralix
3 years ago

Gorgeous Orange Colour!! Dark enough to read easily & light enough to still have that pop of colour! Thank you for the givawY!!God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

3 years ago

Fall is coming, and this color would be spectacular.

Patrick Tinney
3 years ago

This would be a nice addition to my other inks in the Monteverde Noir line.

3 years ago

Looks like a good one in this line to try.

Ethan Ball
3 years ago

I like Ancient Copper. This may be a little darker?

Andrew Mulnix
3 years ago

This is a nice looking color. Maybe look at Organics Studio’s new inks.

David Knapp
3 years ago

Nice color; not unlike their FireOpal (which I quite like).

3 years ago

This is such a beautiful colour! Thank you for the opportunity 😀

Sean J.
3 years ago

What a beautiful rich copper color!

Heather Burke
3 years ago

Love the name and the colour

Melanie Boetel
3 years ago

I’d be interested in trying this or other Monteverde inks. This is a striking orange! Also interested in Krishna, hearing a lot about those lately!

3 years ago

I have quite a few of the Monteverde inks, and I love them all. However, it does seem that they tend to mimic the colors and naming conventions of other brands. While their ITF technology changes the feel Andy performance of the ink, I’d like to learn more about who actually makes their ink (Diamine, Pelikan, etc).

3 years ago

I love this color and it wasn’t on my radar … till now. I’d love to see some purples reviewed.

3 years ago


Brian C
3 years ago

I love Franklin Christoph’s Terra Firma, which sadly has been discontinued.

Andy Lyon
3 years ago

Fantastic looking ink

3 years ago

Interesting color. Thanks for the review.

3 years ago

Thanks for the review. Awesome colour!

Zakary Muturi
3 years ago

Bold Colour

3 years ago


3 years ago

I really want to test this ink!

Andre Oliveira
3 years ago

Monteverde Capri Blue is my current favorite.